Contemplating War Within and Without

JR Nyquist is a treat for those addicted to geopolitics: Listen to his interview on Geopolitics and Empire.  A couple of observations:

Paraphrasing Nyquist:  German, France and the US are not ready to go to war against Russia.  Aircraft carriers in the age of hypersonic don’t make sense.  Three years ago a top General said our nuclear forces were timed-out on service life, yet we are till a long way from recapitalizing the devices . . . 

B&F: I said this a few years back — Russians have a window where the US is unable to compete between hypersonics and other advanced weapons.  Russia would act during this window.  I compared the current situation with Russia to that of the Japanese in the 1930s and early 1940s leading up to Pearl Harbor.  I think that analogy still stands.  Japan’s “mistake” was not the attack — it was that it was not big enough.  Russias Relationship with the West: Two Centuries of War.  This is not a defense of Russia’s position.  Wars cannot be avoided.  Hand-wringing about “who is right” is silliness.  

Paraphrasing Nyquist:  Today’s fusion (hydrogen) bombs produce vastly less harmful radiation that the fission bombs on the 1960s. Nuclear War entirely “winnable.”

B&F — yes, nuclear war is conceivable.  All out nuclear war would not be the end of the world nor the end of history.  The Black Death was not the end of Europe.   Nukes on Japan did not end Japan’s rise as a power.  The firebombing of the German cities (as brutal as Fat Man and Little Boy) did not prevent Germany’s continued rise to prosperity and power.

Paraphrasing Nyquist:  Engels insistence that revolution would lead to the elimination of entire races and classes. 

B&F: I have a podcast about how the vast majority of people are willing to live under totalitarian governments, and also  how mass slaughter of dissenters is inevitable — this is a repeatable historical fact.  Consider Sherman’s March to the Sea.  Pol Pot. Holodomor. Mao.  French Revolution. Rwanda. Armenia.  Mass slaughter as a regular feature of the human experience.  

Tragically, we will see this in America soon enough.

Final Thought: Yes, they are purposefully destroying our country.  Race war, civil war, voting theft, inflation, destruction of the middle class, though crime, economic collapse, Covid, Big War.
All designed to cause chaos.

Why? It is the dialectical process: Cause the problem, then offer the solution.
Creating chaos creates a demand for  a totalitarian government. That is their end goal.  We are too “liberty minded” to contemplate that.

It’s a tough game we play.  Submission is not the answer.

How do we resist?  We create our own rules — we imagine a future they hate.
Then we run with it.  Conventional thinking ends in our annihilation.

In Blood and Faith,

Groundhog Day, 2022

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