We Are Living in the Final Expression of Commmunism, Naziism, and Socialism All In One

We Are Living in the Final Expression of Commmunism, Naziism, and Socialism All In One

Communism, Socialism (including National-Socialism — Nazi-ism), Capitalism, and Liberalism have more in common than differences.   They have branded this current system in America “liberal capitalism,” yet it is very much the same beast we ride on, it’s just in different clothing.  And it is a vicious beast.

Once upon a time in America Jeffersonian Democracy meant Yeo-man farmers with their own land, largely self-sufficient.  They raised their children, went to church, grew crops and their lives and families glorified God.  The Amish and like communities seemed to have retained that spirit — they are self-sufficient communities that have lasted over the generations — they thrive amidst this wayward country.  I think they remain as prophets to this dark world we have created. 

Along the way the Bankers and Traders and a new religion took over.  Now every person is financialized — we are slaves to debt, finance, international trade and technology.  We’ve woken up  in a totalitarian world worse than Mao, Hitler, Pol-Pot, and the rest.  We DO kill people, at home and abroad, but it is a slower more technological death.  The American diet and drugs cuts down our children — from Autism to ADHD from the pharmaceuticals we force on them are not innocent.   The technological addictions short-circuit our brains.  The non-food that we feed on cripples the body – obesity rages.   Adults, if we make it that far, live in fear of poverty as factories shut down, men are driven from farms, wages decline and prices explode.  It is no wonder the mid-west has a crisis of suicide and fentanyl, crack, abuse, divorce and poverty.    We have allowed banks and government and big business to combine and gorge upon the middle classes. 

The Power Structure that rules America in no way shape or form represents the middle class.    When Moms — Moms — go to as school board meeting to object to the destruction of their children (from CRT to LGBTQ)  the FBI puts their names on a watch list.   The message is clear: “You have no say in your lives.  You have no say in your children’s lives.  Be happy as quiet servants and debt slaves.”   

Active dissent yields no Siberian Gulag — it is a kindler gentler totalitarianism.  As in Mao’s Cultural Revolution — youth are programmed to renounce their ancestors, not for crimes, but for failure to sufficiently support the New Order of Being.  This order is as evil as anything we have seem before in history, it’s just been re-branded and marketed to that we believe it is moral requirement to support our own destruction.

That the government protects Big Pharma from liability for the “Vaccine,” is telling.  Does Big Pharma control the Government? Do the Banks control the government?  Who is blackmailing whom?  Back under President Teddy Roosevelt, the government waged war on “interlocking directorships” while today politicians grovel obsequiously before them.  Even the politicians are afraid of Google and Facebook, who were funded by the “Intelligence” community (See In-Q-Tel).  

The line between the mega corporations and the government has been effectively erased.  Bankers rotate between Goldman-Sachs and the Fed.  Big Pharma sends it’s executives to run the Food and Drug Administration, and then return again for the big check when their time is done.  Retired Generals go to work for Defense contractor — they cash in.   Boeing executives are recruited to run the Department of Defense.  Conflict of interest? Or just good business practices?   It is the coyote running the hen house.   

“Public-private” partnerships are all the rage inside the government — “it’s a really neat trick,” they say.  “They can do what we are forbidden by law from doing.  So we fund a project and they implement it. Or we set up a seminar and invite the private sector to participate.  Senators and Congressmen are supportive as is the Press.  Win, win, win, win.”   Except, the little guy — the vast majority of Americans — is utterly left out.   Average Joe did not win. He had no say.

The government is so corrupt that even questioning the government puts one on a  list of traitors. This is not just the January 6 crowd.  Biden’s Press Secretary accused an AP writer of spreading “Russia’s talking points” for daring to ask for proof of a government assertion.  We already live in a totalitarian world.

Think about the debt racket.  An American pays a mortgage for thirty years, hoping that he sells before the price goes down. In order to make it “more affordable” the government allows banks to lend up to 100% of the value with zero risk. If the borrower does not pay, the bank gets the property.  Fair, you say?  But the cost of the house has been bid up purely on financial speculation — everyone can get a loan.  Loans in housing have done what loans in higher education have done — the cost keeps rising and the risk is born entirely by those least able handle the risk.  Banks win.  Housing developers win.  Home Depot wins. Universities (a big business) wins.  Local and state government’s win because the financial value of the homes explodes and tax rates rise accordingly.  Average Joe may have purchased a house for $150k, but now pays taxes as it if was worth $450k.  Everyone wins but Joe.  It Joes doesn’t pay the mortgage, the bank takes it all.  If Joes doesn’t pay his ever rising taxes, the government takes it all.

It is said that one of the hallmarks of Fascism or National-Socialism (the Nazi’s) was a public-private partnership were the business and government were in lock-step.  We have that here in America today.  In Communist China top Party Officials and their children run businesses and the businesses do as the government directs, and the government — because they have a financial interest in those businesses — does what is best for the businesses.   There is co-dependency between big business and government in China just like there is in the United States today, and in Germany in the 1930s through WW2.   Is there any real difference?  

Stalin sent dissidents to the Gulag. America puts dissidents on watch lists, denies them security clearances (which is the equivalent of being kicked out of the Communist Party in the USSR), and should they slip through the cracks they are  publicly shamed by the Press who, instead of looking after the little guy, obsequiously does the bidding of the government, because they are on the same side — they share Power against those with unapproved ideas.   

In America acts of public policy destroy small businesses.  These include “safety” requirements shut out the “undercapitalized,” “free trade” policies that punish businesses from buying from and hiring Americans, an open door immigration policy that drives down wages for America workers.  Now that the government has sufficiently destroyed  the middle class, they can more efficiently control Americans by working that “public-private partnership” between corporate America and the bureaucrats.  How is this different that what communist China or Hitler or Stalin did?  

Very few major businesses have been willing to buck the demand for vaccinations.  Why? Because they depend upon the teat of government as their source of revenue.  So do Universities and hospitals and local governments and anything bigger than Average Joe’s hot-dog stand on the corner.  Average Joes can’t even raise a few goats to seed anymore because he needs all the permits and approvals from State and Federal officials.  He used to raise cattle and sheep and his small herds are now subject to the Wolves (literal wolves) unleashed upon his range lands? Was this because someone loves wolves? Or was this just another way to drive small and independent ranching communities into the ground?  

And yet maybe this isn’t even the right question. Is the government controlling the businesses? Or do business and banker and bribes from enemies foreign and domestic really drive the decisions in Washington?  How deeply compromised is the Supreme Court? How many members need to be controlled? Not many — just enough to tip things one way or another. How may Congressmen and Senators are controlled by corporate interests, bankers and/or foreign powers? It does not take many to tip the balance one way or another.  And the same is true of the FBJ, CIA, DOJ and even your local or state governments or universities.  Are those “Confucius Institutes” at State University really in the interests of Iowa or Wisconsin?  Or are they bribes to the Universities in order to push a foreign nation’s interests?  They have more influence than Average Joe.  

A great safe-guard for the Americans (and Australians and Canadians and the rest of the world) is a robust an independent Middle-Class.   Tens of millions of small business owners who are not forced to compete with cheap overseas imports.  And tens of millions of families who are not debt slaves — who own their own homes outright.   They aren’t forced into hock up to their eyeballs to “participate” in the lottery of rising housing prices, especially when they carry all the risk (if they can’t pay the banks get it. If they can pay, the banks get paid for thirty years!  And governments get paid either way with a larger tax base).

Theoretically the Left should go bonkers over our current situation; yet Left Incorporated (from the bureaucrats, to Universities to the Press to BLM, Inc, to Anti-Fa) all go for money and power.  No exceptions.  They demonize the only people they are permitted to demonize — Middle America.  Traditional Americans have become the scape-goat for societies evils — this has been a generations long program originating in the universities themselves with their hatred of all that emerged out of Christendom.


Yes.  And we have had our marching instruction for two thousand years.  It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ — not a watered down apologetic pseudo-religion whose highest goal it to be “in-offensive” but rather the insistence that all matters of humanity lies within the realm of the Creator’s interests.  There is no human realm that He does not speak to.

It is the role of the preachers to set the Narrative for a Nation.  Once upon a time in America the pulpits rang with righteousness and now they are filled with people who hide the Word of God by avoiding the controversial and refusing to challenge the core assumptions of the current Babylonian system.

This began two centuries ago (although there were no doubt precedents even to that) when the church essentially collapsed with the onslaught of Atheism and Evolution (both of which depend upon the other to survive).  That was the beginning of the Great Falling Away.   Professors of Christ were pushed out of the pulpits in the Universities (universities ARE the state establishments of religion) and Professors of the New Religion (Atheism and Evolution) took over.  And the church became so demoralized they hardly fought back.   Seeking friendship with the world they hung a cross around atheism and evolution and pronounced it all good.  Harvard University — established to train ministers of the Gospel — led the charge toward the Great Surrender. 

Coupled with the massive centralization of society (see the above), resistance to the Born was futile.  The Golden Rule drives all in a financialized culture — he who provides the gold makes the rules. Tax money (paid by average Joe) given to universities comes with strings attached, but not by Joe. “No support for Christianity,” they said.  And we dutifully sent generations of children to be indoctrinated into the Approved Religion, yet being duped into thinking it wasn’t a religion at all, just “science.”   

The church responded by retreating into it’s own “safe space.” We refused to recognize Evolution as a religious belief and accepted strange ideas (strange to the Bible) about human origins and the identify of Jesus.     It is all linked together.    It begins with faith and ends with faith — faith in Evolution is no less that Faith in God — they are just opposites.  University professors proselyte children into a religion of atheism and evolution  with themselves (the Professors) as the priests and prophets of this order.  But just don’t call it religion — call it “science” a it is all camouflaged.

Claiming back our birthright — our country — will require brave men and women who are not  afraid of losing everything (in this Totalitarian system) by speaking up and speaking out.  It is the church’s job to set the narrative and the tone by the preaching of the entire Word of God, from Genesis 1:1 through the Revelation, not ignoring parts unfashionable with the Rulers.

We are waking up.  You can hear squeaks and yips and cries coming out of the Church — not necessarily out of the pulpits — but from the Average Joes who realize, now, that they have been duped, as were their fathers.  And they have the courage to stand up for their children.

Courage, again, rises in Averages Joes.  Fear rises in the Rulers.  They lash out by censoring podcasts and blogs and by demonetizing employees who refuse to submit and arresting others who committed the crime of really expecting to be treated as a free people.   But we are not.  If only we had submitted in silence perhaps the illusion would have continued.  

“Wear a mask and get the jab or be fired! Check with our guidelines before you utter a word  — you will be punished if you are a deviant!”   That is a totalitarian society.  There is no need to wait for it — it is already here. We are living in the final expression of Communism, Naziism, and Socialism all rolled up together and rebranded as the “Secular-Liberal-Capitalist” order.  All are evil — it is the rebuilding of Babel.  The “Great Reset” is the capstone of the Anti-Christian project that began two centuries ago.  Only a pro-Christ message is able to resist this — there is no third path.  Nazi-ism, racialism, socialism, Anti-Fa-ism, BLM-ism, Communism, liberalism, capitalism,  and atheistic versions of “equity” and “universal values” are all false gods and false saviors — they are all anti-Christs.

Jesus Christ is the only Savior on earth or in heaven, in time or eternity.  Seeking any path without Jesus Christ as the Leader is worse that worthless — it is rebellion against God.  Seeking peace and unity with the world remains, as ever, enmity with God (James 4:4).

Fritz Berggren, PhD
8 February 2022

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