How to Build Christian Nation/States

Nation versus State: The Nation is the important part — the bloodline, the humans.  The “state” is that mechanism that is supposed to support the Nation.  The state is a tool, the Nation is the heart and the purpose.  Tyrants and despots (including the corporate kind that now run the world) de-racinate the nation and create a false-nation that worships the state (the beast).   They strip humans of loyalty to land, language, blood, borders and gods so that they only worship the state — the Beast.  They have false prophets to command loyalty to the Beast (University Professors) and a false wife whose entire loyalty is Anti-Christ who rides/guides that Beast.

Christians look to heaven wondering when God is going to do something; God looks down and wonders when His people are going to do something.

What are we to do? Open up our mouths and speak.  God can do the rest.  Building Christian Nations is about opening up our mouth and declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord over the school board, over the court systems, over the Supreme Court, over the United Nations, over whatever “laws” they have set up that defy Jesus Christ.    The Ten Commandments should be back in every school room across the world (and the First Commandment refers to Jesus Christ!).

FACT: Jesus Christ is  Sovereign over every nation.
FACT: The nations that refuse to obey him will be destroyed.

God reigneth over the heathen. Psalm 47:8

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