Neutrality is Luciferian

The idea that there is a neutral place is Lucifer’s idea.  

It began with his offer to Eve: “You can be like God, knowing good and evil for yourself.” The Serpent did not deny the existence of God. He did not say “worship me, I am god.” He offered, rather, a delusion: to co-exist with God, to parse God’s words, to determine for ourselves what God is, or is not, and to what degree we ought to follow or obey Him.  

The Big Lie comes down to this: “you surely shall not die!” — life without accountability to the Maker.

Lucifer cared not whether Eve bowed immediately — he cared very much that she seek her own way. It would only be a matter of time before she openly worshipped Satan.  Today: satanic worship from Burning Man, to rock concerts, to The Grove, to the Masonic worship of Lucifer, the Jewish Star of Remphan (it was never David’s star), the Owl, the eye of Horus, novus ordo seclorum.  We already live under Satan’s rule and don’t even recognize it.  The Beast, The Whore, and the False Prophet are already here but we refuse to see them.

Satan Worship

The “conservative” movement yearns for the blessings of God without worshipping Jesus Christ. Capitalism, hard work, family, “religion.” Yet we refuse to say the Name of Jesus Christ in public. We don’t want to offend the Jews . . .

Judaism is anti-Christ — that is its primal identity. Evangelical Judeo-Christians yearn for acceptance from the Jews. Eve accommodated Satan’s idea while Adam became the third wheel; Jesus Christ remains un-named, hidden in this “neutral” world.

“Quiet, Jesus, I don’t want to offend my lover,” the Church whispers. “I will love him so that he will accept you.” The Church — the Whore of Babylon — joins with the corporate and earthly expression of the Anti-Christ. The two are one — a false chosen people, a false wife (which is the role of the prostitute).

The repentance required of the Church has nothing to do with the sins of the flesh or  the yearning for a good life. We must believe again: Jesus Christ, God in the flesh,  the Creator, the Judge.  He does not tolerate peaceful coexistence with Satan’s ideas or people.

The anti-Christ is not coming.  The anti-Christ is already here. If six is the number of man, and if six-six is a man and a woman, then six-six-six (666) expresses corporate man under the Anti-Christs, whether Marxist or Socialist or Liberal-Capitalist — they are all different expressions of corporate man in rebellion against Christ.

Christians — as opposed to Judeo-Christians — reject Satan’s offer of peaceful coexistence.  Jesus Christ is Lord of this earth, now. The idea of a neutral space is satanism, it is a realm in which God does not judge.

Building Christian Nations is not an extra project — it is the logical outworking of our declaration that Jesus Christ is Lord. When the brain and the heart are converted, the family is converted and laws are converted and society and education and governments are converted.   We recognize no neutral space — that idea has been a lie from the beginning.

We pray and proclaim: His kingdom come, His will be done now on earth as it is in heaven. 

Characteristic of Judeo-Christians:



Every nation should be an open and tolerant to all religions and moralities and people. 

Jesus is Lord of all nations and kingdoms.

Jews are God’s Chosen people

Christians are the holy race, the chosen people.

The highest form of morality is the enshrinement of the Holocaust — their unquestioned symbol of evil.

God destroyed an entire world in the Great Flood, killing every breathing things outside of the Ark.

Jesus is a personal Savior to Christians. There is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ for anyone.

Racism is sin.

Salvation is based only upon blood, the blood of Christ. 

Support for “secular” nations. 

Christian Nation-States. 

It is wrong to be sexist and homophobic.

Christ appointed no women or homosexuals as Apostles.

God loves everyone — broad is the way that leads to life.

The “way is narrow and few find it.”

Jesus is a Jew

The Father of Jesus Christ is not a Jew.

Questioning “science” is wrong.

The Virgin birth of Jesus, His miracles, and physical Resurrection from the dead.  Eternal Judgment.

Judeo-Christians believe it is wrong to offend the Jews and their ideas and that it is OK to offend Jesus Christ and question the Word of God.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
9 March 2022

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