Adam to Abraham: A Time Line

1) None of Noah’s ancestors died from the Flood. Once Methuselah passed, the Flood was released.
2) It is possible for Noah’s father (Lamech) to have met Adam.
3) Enoch not only walked with God, but he probably visited with Adam.
4) Shem was alive for just shy of 100 years BEFORE the Flood —
5) Shem was still alive when Abraham’s father was an adult.
6) God did not create man to die — death came because of corruption. See how long the ancient fathers lived!
7) Genealogy is important — if it was not, God would not have included genealogies in the Bible.  Also, genealogy is traced through the male.
8) Noah lived through the events of the Tower of Babel (during Peleg’s lifetime)
9) All the years below can be extracted from the first eleven chapters of the Bible.

Timeline: Adam to Abraham

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