Civil War & World War

Civil War & World War

War becomes increasingly unpleasant for me to mention because it is scary  as it moves from the historical into a realm of closer proximity.   If you want to know what war looks like, look at some of the images from the war in Ukraine.  I talk about these wars because I sense them coming and I have been warning my own family about it since about 2015.  Who tells me war is coming? My gut.War is Ugly

Experts like Robert Pelton describe the gut as your subconscious arranging facts that you already have, in a logical manner, and presenting them to your conscious mind.

I have gobbled up anything to do with world affairs and wars since I was old enough to read US News & World Repost back in the 1970s. I have forgotten more than I remember.  But I do remember in late 2016 after studying Russia’s history in the Crimea, the US intervention in Russia’s  Civil War in 1917, and the four conflicts Russia experienced from the West in the last two hundred years, saying out loud in my office: “we are going to war with Russia.”

In 2015 I concluded we would have another civil conflict in the U.S.  Many publications, right and left, have written of a coming Civil War in the U.S., there are too many to list.

Events over the last year, domestically and internationally, unfortunately do no dissuade me from my assessments.

I’m far from alone in my pessimism.
Readers of this site need no introduction to Niall Fergusson.
Michael Yon is a long time war correspondent.

  • From Niall Fergusson: Seven Worst Case Scenarios from the War in Ukraine.
      • “How would you feel if you seriously thought World War III was approaching? “
  • From Michael Yon: Scent of Civil War.
      • “If you smell around enough, detach yourself from desired outcomes, you can take a good reading. United States feels like we are going into civil war.”

And from the CJCS:

Either will be a bad outcome for me personally: where I live is close to ground zero in a war with Russia, and my views have put me in the cross hairs of our local Anti-Fa militants with my face and home adorning one of their web sites.

In any civil war or global war, both sides rage and blame the other.
Does it matter?

It matters every bit as much as it matters who is a fault for the war in the Ukraine, the War Between the States, the War for Independence, and every other war mankind ever experienced. Readers of this site will come to their own opinions — opining on it is irrelevant at this point.

And I guess that sums up my thoughts — it is too late for reason.
And boy do I hope I’m wrong.
But Easter is coming soon —  love those around you.


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