Regime Change In Washington, U.S.A.

You can’t make this stuff up.  Watch the sitting President of the United States — he is utterly ignored by his own staff, the Vice-President, and a former U.S. President.

No one walks into the White House on a casual visit.  Obama’s visit was scripted and scheduled.  The regime is so afraid they are losing power that they let slip who really is in charge (and it is not Biden).

They are panicking.

Breaking: Election Postponed!  (This is a fictional future press report)

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Regime Change in Moscow? It’s Coming to Washington.

Nothing more clearly reveals the illegitimacy of the Biden regime than Obama’s visit to the White House. They worship Obama as a returning king while Biden is ignored by his own team. It was embarrassing. The President of the United States of America ignored as the sycophants flock to King Obama.

I don’t know what happens this November but I don’t expect business as usual. I wrote tongue-in-cheek a news article explaining the postponement of November’s elections due war with Russia.

The regime has overplayed its hand. This is a self-inflicted wound. They are now so arrogant that they believe they can flaunt their abuses with no consequences.  

The Press is their own embarrassment. This see themselves as appendages of power — the true ruling class. They are the glue between the Intelligence agencies, the civilian bureaucrats and the elected persons in power. They set the agenda as much as they advance the agenda. It is power they seek and it is power they have. Truth is not their aim.

No one believes they are “reporters” or news gatherers. They decide what the agenda is, shape it, and ram it down our throats, truth be damned.

Besides the Hunter Biden laptop, the Russia collusion hoax, and the election anomalies, let’s go back to the summer of 2020  — this should be the greatest story of all:

What really happened at the 2020 Democratic National Convention? How come the Conventional was completely opaque? Not Covid — that dog don’t hunt — Zoom was a thing even back then. The Democrat Convention was secret. Kamala Harris, the least popular Pol, was made Queen Bee. Why? She did not bring forty-five electoral votes from California — they were in the bag for the Democrats without her. Who put that together? Certainly not Biden. This is perhaps the biggest story of this era and the Press won’t touch it. Why? Because they are part of the story — they are part of the regime. 

Obama’s Return of the King offers a clue. He is Big Dog in the White House even now. They’ve stopped trying to hide it because Biden’s failure to cogitate is so acute that it is better to reveal their hand than risk spontaneous collapse. They don’t care about legalities or constitutionalities — it’s about power and appearances.    

As a Nation, we have already crossed a divide. We are not governed by the rule of law or the Constitution. It is open now. The greatest self-inflicted wound the governing apparatus has inflicted is its own loss of legitimacy. They have don’t that to themselves.

You can discount the election, you can discount Biden’t mental state, you can discount union of the Press and the Administration and Big Business (Psaki’s move to MSNBC), and even the Return of the King. But you can’t discount all of them together.

No one even pretends any more that Biden is in charge anymore.

The End Game

We are closing in on the endgame. It gets dangerous. There will be no peaceful surrender, no walking away. They’ve already committed.  

They thought they would never lose power, so they followed up their purge of of military officers (began under Obama) to a purge of the enlisted, purges of local police forces, and purges of common citizens who are jailed for political speech (January 6).  The FBI attacks non-cooperative press (Veritas), elected Officials who want to count votes are prosecuted as they have prosecuted many of the people close to the previous President. Purges in the bureaucracies, purges in Academia, purges in Big Business.

All regimes for the last century have combined the Press, Big Business and Government into one monolithic Bor while outlawing independent voices. The more they scream “democracy” the less power the people actually have.  

This is open political repression — they don’t even try to hide it.

Yet at the peak of their power, they can sense it all slipping away. That is why Obama has returned to the White House. They have to double-down — there is no graceful retreat. 

Don’t back down. Keep shouting the truth from the rooftops.  They are going down hard. They will be angry, spiteful, dangerous, unhinged, accusatory, and unrestrained from rule of law or common decency. Nothing will be off the books: Anti-Fa, foreign intervention, wag-the-dog wars, abuse of police powers, false flags.  

These are not signs of power — these are signs of desperation.

Be of great courage — you will need it in the days ahead.


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  1. piltdownman says:

    True enough the hive mind. They don’t care about gays or LGBTQ or anybody or any group they are all expendable and ultimately just a trojan horse to get more government control.

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