Tolerance is Delusion

Tolerance is Delusion

Ideological conformity comes camouflaged in the rhetoric of tolerance and diversity.

“Tolerance” is a rhetorical lever designed to introduce previously forbidden ideas at the same time they make previously accepted ideas forbidden:

    • Tolerance towards homosexuality means intolerance toward certain words like sodomy and buggery.
    • Tolerance for transsexuals means intolerance of people claiming only two genders, fixed by biology.
    • Tolerance toward atheism, Judaism and Islam in government schools means intolerance toward praying in the Name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures.
    • Tolerance towards unbridled immigration (open borders) means intolerance of White society and culture.

    When people say “stop the hate” what they signal is hatred toward those who disagree with their agenda.

    When they say “we believe in diversity,” they really mean “we have no place for ideas that contradict our agenda.”

    Truth: we really cannot all just get along. Christians are frankly idiots for pretending they ought to be tolerant and diverse.

    There is nothing Biblical about everyone getting along:

    • Cain and Abel
    • Eve and the Dragon
    • Jacob and Esau
    • Hebrews and Egyptians
    • the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent
    • Jesus Christ and the Pharisees
    • First Century Christians and the Jews
    • Darkness and Light.
    • Sheep and Goats
    • Heaven and Hell (there is a great chasm of separation)

    This is a first principal.

    Light shatters darkness — they cannot occupy the same space.

    Diversity and tolerance are rhetorical levers used to invert evil and good; these terms are not Christian terms, they are terms of the Deceiver.

    Q: If this is true, upon what ideas can a society be based?
    A: The Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, the writings of the Holy Bible.

    All of Satan’s attempts to eliminate the Word of God from society must be resisted.

    Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment.

    Ex-President Obama recently gave a speech at Stanford University.  Here is a quote:

    “Over time, we lose our capacity to distinguish between fact, opinion, and wholesale fiction. Or maybe we just stop caring,” he said.

    This is a valid point. His answer is “curating” the Internet, but that does not answer the question, it just assigns gatekeepers, censors. How do they know fact and truth?

    Here is the simple answer — if the Holy Scriptures are rejected as the fountain of knowledge and wisdom and Truth, then human society is truly lost, captives of whomever has the power to decide “fact from fiction.”

    The great historical struggle of the Protestant Christians was to free the Holy Scriptures from control by bishops and prelates and unspoken languages. The most revolutionary action occurred: the Holy Scriptures were translated into languages people could read and given directly to the people.

    There is a direct line of liberty from Wycliff and the Lollards to the Christian liberty of our earliest colonies, the Pilgrims and the Puritans. This was a radical (getting to the root of the problem) movement. It birthed independence under God in North America.

    The historical act of purging the Bible from government schools is the ultimate act of tyranny — the People will have no direct access to the Truth.

    The fallacy of the “conservative” movement lies in that liberty can exist without Jesus Christ and the Bible — that is not an idea found in the Holy Scriptures.

    Fritz Berggren, PhD

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