Pastors Are The WMDs, If They Stop Being Afraid

Inciting resistance is the goal of the creation of the “Disinformation Governance Board.” They want to know who will stand up against tyranny. The first step in resisting tyranny is calling it tyranny. Recall Mao’s policy of “let a hundred flowers bloom.” It was ostensibly a call for constructive criticism, but it was really a way of outing dissent. Once identified, they were eliminated.

They provoke us:Pastor as WMDs in this War

    • January 6ers in jail, while BLM/Anti-Fa walk.
    • Modified RNA jabs for us, and the illegals come in with no test, no masks, and no jabs and no jobs.
    • Christians expelled from the military for objecting to the Jab.
    • Trump supporters get the iron hand while Clintonistas get the velvet glove and Obama (because he is Black) cannot be touched.
    • Everything they oppose is racist and hate speech — these are appeals to emotion — logic and rationality vanish.
    • No support to stop the invasion of Texas on the U.S. Border, yet $33 Billion to protect Ukraine’s eastern border.
    • Christian speech becomes hate speech and perversion becomes “our democratic values.”

There is no voting our way out of this. I will drink something nasty (good coffee, ruined by cream and sugar) if the 2022 elections are not undermined, or cancelled entirely. The Uni-Party will not allow the House or Senate to shift in November 2022. Nothing will change.

Politically incorrect speech is a crime to them. Pointing out, for example, that homosexuals cannot pro-create is criminal. Or reciting certain Scriptures like Acts 7:51-52 or Rev 3:9. Or that men have penises and women have vaginas. Why these particular examples? Because they are so patently obvious and have become offensive even to “Christians.”

The TTPs of the totalitarians include removing decision making to distant “experts,” and “scientists” so that elections become irrelevant. If I you think Fauci ruling the country is bad, wait until the WHO determines many chickens you can raise in your backyard or whether you can butcher your own deer or steer or rabbits.

We must return to local politics, local power and local self-sustainment. Local farms, local power generation. Local defense forces. Local medicine The closer these reside to individuals and families, the better. (Who best to organize this than local churches?)

Social Credit score? Absolutely. It’s logical, effective, and tied to your bank account. Are you an irresponsible blogger? No ammo for you! (Maybe no meat either, and no gas for your car.) Are you a preacher? They have something very special in store for you!

This is so obvious — this is the future they have for us.

The counter to this Orwellian future is awakening the Pastors. They must understand that we are living this now, they must wake up their congregation, the consequences be damned.

Pastors will be fired. Finances may collapse. Seventy-five percent of the congregation may leave. But that Pastor won’t lose his soul.

I’m putting this in the preachers, not the politicians, not the judges, not the bankers, or Jews, or communists, or homosexuals, university professors or other various anti-Christs.

Preachers and Pastors are the WMD in this Religious war, if only they would stop being afraid.

References: Judges 3 through Judges 7, Samuel, Abram, Moses, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshech, Abednego, Elijah, David, Jesus, Stephen, Peter, Paul, Hebrew 11.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
30 April 2022

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