Warfare and Weapons

  • Specific recommendations on weapons to defeat the forces of the AntiChrist, overturn evil, and build Christian Nations.
  • Abortion as a religious rite: the Church of Satan did not lie about this. Abortion is the sacrifice of live innocent children to Satan.
  • Government officers at any level who protect and promote LGBTQ in government schools are guilty of aiding and abetting child abuse.
  • John the Baptist specifically named a political leader as an enemy of God.  (Herod chopped off his head as a result).  As did Jeremiah, Moses, Stephen, Jesus, Peter . . . and the list goes on.  Are you on the list?
  • Silence equals deference, respect, and obeisance to the AntiChrist.
  • No one is coming to save save you, Church.  And, you ARE called to endure the hour of trial.  You overcome the AntiChrist by the word of YOUR testimony and not loving your life even unto death.  Revelation 12:11



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