Reject Jesus 2.0

The problem with Jesus Christ is that he is really offensive if you read what He actually said, and if you realize that Jesus Christ is the God of Abraham, Noah, Moses and the Prophets. Even his disciples commented on his offensive nature (Matthew 15:12).

The evangelical “church” has been marketing a “kinder, gentler” Jesus over the last couple of generations. The church has gone the way of the Jews by elevating their man-made traditions over the word of God (Matthew 15:1-7). Essentially the church is ashamed of the Jesus of the Scriptures, so it ignores or “reinterprets” what is written, just like the Talmud does for the Torah. This is evil.

Stick with the original Jesus.
“Jesus 2.0” is a fake promoted by false prophets yearning to be friends with the world (James 4:4)

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