Race Nationalism? Or Religious Nationalism?

White Nationalism or Christian Nationalism?
Race based nationalism or religion-based nationalism?

So which is first? Race-based nationalism or faith-based nationalism? Also, we need to discuss the question of White Nationalism versus, say, Black Nationalism or Native America Nationalism or Arab Nationalisms or Palestinian Nationalism or Jewish Nationalism. If White Nationalism is evil, why are the other Nationalism considered Good?

They (the haters of Whites) will weave their hatred in attempts to justify the extinction of the White race; that is the systemic and institutional hypocrisy that Jesus Christ warned against when he attacked the Pharisees. “Jews” can herald their own race as special and worthy of a race-based geographic space and privileges while denying similar claims to other races (whether to Arabs or Europeans). That is the institutional hypocrisy that Jesus railed against.

The theological case for race-based nationalism is in Genesis 11: the story of the Tower of Babel.  When Noah left the Ark, God commanded them to spread out across the face of the earth and multiply in it. Man — rebellious man — refused and consolidated power at Babel. So heinous was this rebellion that Jesus Christ (pre-Incarnation) intervened at Babel and divided mankind based upon Race (ethnicity/nation/bloodline). This division was reinforced by introducing the original gift of diverse tongues. Men ceased being able to communicate with each other and began migrating away from each other.

Almighty God split mankind into different nations/bloodlines/ethnic groups and drove them apart. This division was an Act of God, not an act of man. Man’s racial nature is theologically established by the genealogies of the Holy Scriptures inGenesis 10, Matthew 1 and Luke 3 and well as his intervention at Bablel thwarting man and Satan’s efforts at unification. Man’s rebellious nature had them united as “one race, the human race.” It was God almighty that drove them apart just as it was God Almighty who introduced enmity (a hatred unto death) between the See of the Woman and the See of the Serpent.

This is a continuing battle and the Enemy at the end of the ages resurrections Babel — the worldwide empire of Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-19.

Of the many races/nations describe in Genesis 10, God then called Abram to be the father of more nations, and then Jacob (renamed Israel) to be the father of a specific race/nation: Israel (which has nothing to do with the contemporary entity in the Middle-East other that being a false identity — see Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9 and Matt 12:15).

In other words, God Himself created the different ethnic groups, forced them to spread out across the face of the earth, enforced the division by giving them different languages and destroying a unified global government.

Two thousand years ago, this division was re-validated on the day of Pentecost when theGift of Tonuges (redux) was poured out. If God wanted all mankind to be “one” he may have simply poured out one singular language on all the believers. He could have thought, “hey, they are all one in Me know, so let’s give them one unified holy language.” But he did not!

Jesus Christ preserves the different languages and He recognizes the differences in ethnic groups. In the parable of the vineyard he tells the Jews that he would strip that care of the vineyard from them and give it to a different “ethnos.” See Matthew 21:43. Jesus Christ was quite specific — you are an ethnic group that is being rejected and the care of the vineyard will go to a different nation/people/bloodline. In the Greek, He uses the term “ethnos” —ethnicity. Who does it go to? It went to the Europeans — but that is something I’ve written on elsewhere.

In Acts 17:26-27, Saint Paul, inspired by the Spirit of Jesus, re-validates the division of races and times and geographies and their purpose. God Himself determined their times and boundaries with the purpose of seeing which races/bloodlines would serve Jesus Christ.  Not all will, and on the Judgement Day entire corporate bodies will be case into hell — see Christ’s imprecations against Capernaum and Bethsaida and even Jerusalem. The story of the sheep and the goats and the judgment of nations validates nations/races as a concept and creation of God.

And let’s not forget the establishment of Babylon 2.0 (Babylon the Great) in the Revelation as an enemy of God. It is unified mankind worshipping Antichrist in defiance of Jesus Christ just like the Babel of Genesis 11.

In Daniel 2:44, God makes it clear that empires attempt to mix the races are doomed to failure.

So is race based nationalism validated? Yes: race based nationalism is the creation of God and fighting against it is siding with Nimrod in the Building a Babel and siding with Babylon the Great and the Whore of Babylon in the last chapters of the Revelation.St. James of Matamoros

What about religion-based nationalism?  Essentially, the antichrist has already set up a religion-based false-nationalism in which a spiritual nation is created based upon a false faith that “we are all one human race” and there are no differences between races and ethnicities. This is a false religion and a religion that the evangelical church has embraced.

At the same time, race-based nationalism alone is insufficient for a healthy dynamic nation. Even during the Exodus there was division and civil war within the nation of the Hebrews. See Exodus 32:27. Racial unity is a necessary but insufficient glue of a nation.  What was also required (besides a common bloodline, national history and unifying language) was a unified loyalty to the same Monarch. A portion of the Hebrews rebelled and civil war broke out. They could no longer walk together and one’s political loyalty trumped racial unity.  The secular reader may consider this to be a “religious” loyalty, but in this writer’s mind the distinction between religion and morality and law and politics and philosophy is quite arbitrary and used to exclude rather that simply “describe.” Specifically, the statement, “Jesus Christ is Lord” is at once a political fact as well as a “religious” sentiment. One ought not distinguish between them, and those who claim a distinction do so in order to deprecate the political claims of Jesus Christ and relegate His followers to mere religious sentimentality.

Here is another way to look at this: I am White, heterosexual, and male. There are white atheist homosexual males who hate me beyond words.  We are as unable to walk together as a unified people any more than the racial brothers in Exodus 32. Let’s not pretend that race alone assures a successful nationalism.

“Religion” really is a construct of political loyalty. Are you a Christian? Have you sworn political loyalty to Jesus Christ? You must — for He is the Ruler of every nation. The idea of “religion” emerges from an atheistic word view that segregates a some ideas (religious ideas) into a lesser category — a category that should be treated differently  — a kind of children’s sandbox where they can play make-believe games.  For the Christian to buy into the antiChrist’s narrative (segregating “Christianity” into a religious sandbox) is a subversion against our Monarch Jesus Christ.

Although I have argued that Europeans are specifically targetted for the Kingdom of God and loyalty to Jesus Christ, every nation (Acts 17:26-27) ought form Christian nations. But which will? Clearly, the countries of Europe, historically, have been Christian Nations (thus Europe used to be called Christendom).  Nevertheless, all nations are called to serve Jesus Christ since He is the King of every nation/race. Europeans are many different nations. Italians are not Norwegian and though both have historically been Christian nations they are of different languages and lineages. This is worthy of preserving just as much as the differences between the Twelve Tribes and their territories and borders.

Race-based nationalism is primary, necessary and the will of Jesus Christ; and yet it is insufficient for national (racial) success. One also must unite behind one Monarch, one Sovereign, one Truth, one Ruler. That Ruler for myself and my race — to the extent I can convince my racial brothers — is Jesus Christ.

Blood and Faith.
Christian Nations.
Now on earth, and forever.

Fritz Berggren, PhD.

PS: Any follower of my writings at bloodandfaith.com knows that my founding motive is to promote Christian Nations. And if they read deep enough, they will understand that questions of faith are non-optional for all peoples at all times. Those claiming to have no faith are self-deceived when one considers that “faith” is another way of saying “presuppositions” which are things we assume to be true with no ability to prove they are true — they (faiths) are simply assumptions about the reality that we build in before we even begin a conversation. Thus the atheist (for example) assumes that the concept of God must be proven before being accepted. This is an “assumption,” that the Theist stands on its head: we “assume” (which is another way of saying “we have faith” that God the Creator simply exists and we don’t worry about proving that any more than the atheist does not worry about proving that there is no God — it is an assumption. And to that extent we emerge on equal grounds: We are all (atheist and theist alike) relegated to the realm of pre-suppositional thought as we try to make sense of the world.  Faith is inescapable because the “structures” and “superstructures” of thought (borrowing from Gramscii and Foucault) are already baked into the cake before we can begin a discussion. The presupposition inherent in different languages (such as gender-norming in Romance languages) are baked in before we even begin a discussion. Since “logic” itself is a byproduct of language and not the reverse.

So “religion” or faith or values or assumption are inescapable for all peoples at all time. We are finite and incapable of extending our intellectual world beyond the very tiny limits of our languages (be it arithmetic or calculus, Chinese or Swahili or French or English).

Race is likewise a concept that must be accepted by “faith” in that there is a superstructure that either refutes or validates “race.” I argue that the Superstructure that I consciously cling to (the Holy Scriptures) not only validates the concept of race, but validates the differences between races/bloodlines/ethnicities.

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