Defining the Conflict: Follow Up

Jesus Christ v. AntiChrist

Framing the conflict as Jesus Christ versus the forces of the AntiChrist is the most effective way of describing our current situation, and the only narrative that will recruit hundreds of millions of “believers” into the fight.

Let’s be honest: 90% of “Christians,” including Pastors, ignore the current conflict. And while there is a huge overlap in Christians and Patriots (Right, Conservative, Traditionalist), they don’t perceive the conflict in terms of loyalty to our Monarch Jesus Christ. They are Patriots who happen to be Christians as well.

Our current distress should be about Christians creating nations, societies and states that are explicitly loyal to a distant Sovereign eagerly awaiting his return. If Charles III, King of the British Empire, can reign over distant New Zealand from old England, then Christians should no less swear fealty to our Sovereign King Jesus Christ, believe in Him no less, and prepare the way for our Lord no less than John the Baptist preparing the way for the Incarnation.

This conflict IS about loyal servants of Jesus Christ establishing of Christian Nation/States.  Bringing discipline to the nations IS the Great Commission.  The problem is that the Church doesn’t perceive it this way.

If we fight to roll back fifty years, or a hundred and fifty years, we will ultimately fail because “conservatism” or “traditional values” is a house built on sand. Without the Rock of the Word of God, a “conservative” society will fall (as we have watched the United States, and all of Christendom fall) because it eschewed the foundation of the Word of God — Jesus Christ.

If, on the other hand, the Church wakes up (and it is very much asleep as it waits to fly away in a “rapture”) then we will rebuild Christendom, making every valley a plain and every mountain low for the Rulership of our Monarch Jesus Christ.  This is nothing less than our duty as Christians.

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