Numbers: Political Organization Based on Race, Tribe and Family

Israel (ancient Israel) as to be an example for all the other nations.  The Chosen people today — are those baptized in a confessing Jesus Christ as Lord of all people and nations.   Nevertheless, the Holy Scriptures are eternal and remain valid, including the Book of Numbers.

Numbers reflects a political and military organization based upon not only the race of the entire nation, but smaller units as well. The Army, the leaders, the political subdivisions were based on tribal affiliation and the heads of households.

Government is patriarchy and tribal affiliation is patriarch.  Every leader had to be the head of a household.  There are no examples in Numbers of a female head of household the head of a tribal group.  Each tribal subdivision had their own geographic space (we will see this repeated later in the settling of the land of Canaan).

Genealogies are Biblical, they are eternal. Genealogical division are established and institutionally affirmed.  The antichrist(s) invert all of this.  The madness to blend nations and borders is the same spirit that blends sexes and genders — inversions of God’s order.

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