The Church Is Terrified (of the Antichrist)

If the Church won’t fight the Antichrist, who will?The Bible's Antichrist

Antichrist’s Lie #1: There is no antichrist right now — he isn’t here yet.  Truth: 1 John 2:18

Antichrist’s Lie #2: Those who explicitly (as a matter of Talmudic/Judaic doctrine) reject the Father and the Son, and deny that the Christ has already come in the flesh, they are in fact “God’s Chosen People” and are not antichrist at all.  Truth: 1 John 2:22 and 2 John 7

Antichrist’s Lie #3: You can’t call out or name the antichrist, because that is hate speech.”  Truth: Read Acts 7:51-60

The Church is terrified of the Antichrist.  Many walk with the Antichrist and thereby share in their wicked work.


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