Deception, the Devil, and the Cult

Task #1 for Satan was a deception of mankind.  Eve said “the Serpent deceived me.” Does anyone think that Satan and his seed have repented and given up on lies?  Satan and the brood of vipers lie — and they tell you they lie.  Witness: The Truman Show.

When a person submits to lies that he knows are lies, he debases himself; he submits to mind control — every totalitarian society knows this.  That is why they demand that you submit to absurdities — it renders you unable and unwilling to resist.

  • This is why the absurdity of LGBTQ is pushed.
  • The absurdity of reverse entropy (“evolution”).
  • The absurdity of the “most secure elections ever.”
  • The absurdity of Senator Fetterman.
  • The absurdity of an injection that kills you (perhaps slowly) instead of curing you.
  • The absurdity of masks and social distancing.
  • The absurdity of carbon footprints for the little people and private jets for them.
  • The aburdity of petty laws for little people while they get away with murder and child rape, from Hillary Clinton to Epstein Island — nothing to see here folks, move along!
  • The absurdity of Jan 6ers in jail with Anti-Fa/BLM are called heroic and brave.

This is psychological debasement rendering one guilty of supporting the lies and hence incapable of resistance.

The response must be a full-throat roar of defiance. Question everything they say. Reject their narrative. Push an alternate narrative (like the Holy Scriptures).

I bring up “flat earth” not because I agree, but because we must make the effort to question and challenge all of the accepted narratives. Their science is not science at all if we are told “not to question” it.

In that spirit, the Truman Show mocks us at our credulity.   Capricorn One — straight from Hollywood — mocks us by questioning what can not be questioned — the Moon landing (masked as a Mars landing).

What is real?
Are you questioning?
If not, why not?
Because you are still in love with the Cult?
You can escape the cult, but you must be brave.

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