China, and “The Patriot”

China, and “The Patriot”

Two Posts I recommend:

  1. Jack Posobiec’s “China Files.”  You need this (I did, and I already have a PhD in History) to understand China today:

2). New understanding of “The Patriot” from 2023:

I’ve often said that those of us alive on planet Earth right now have reached a point in history where we are standing in the valley of decision. You won’t be able to bridge the gap, to ride the fence. You will be forced to pick a side in this monumental struggle between good and evil. Don’t make your decision on the cheap. If you’re not encountering some hate and resistance in today’s world, then it’s quite possible that you pose no threat to the enemy’s territory.

Kingdoms are in conflict. And every kingdom has its king.

Kings are very demanding. Each requires his toll.

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