Will the World Become a Better Place?

I don’t know that the world will become a better place.
I don’t know that we are on the cusp of some new great awakening.
I don’t know that we won’t just slide down into a great sewer where the biggest rats rule over the dung pile.

Ninety-nine percent focus on the wrong things and the wrong enemy. If Truth is not central to our existence, as it was in Christian Europe — Christendom — there is no hope.

There is no truth that can even remotely replace the Word of God, Jesus Christ;
not “classical liberalism,”
not a “classical education,”
not “traditional values,”
not “libertarian ideas,”
not “the Constitution” . . . nothing.

The Church is in bad shape; they worship the Antichrist and claim Jews are above criticism. (1 John 2:23).

Yet the very definition of the anti-Christ are those that do not acknowledge that Jesus is from God: “Every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the Antichrist, about whose coming you have been told”(1 John 4:3)

So, yeah, I think the Church worships the anti-Christ, the Jews, whom Scripture warns against:

Jews “displease God and have become enemies of the entire human race,” said Saint Paul in 1 Thes 2:15.

To say that Jews run the world from the top is a crime. We have entered into that bizarre time in human history where that which is patently true cannot be said, and men are forced to tell lies. I used to think that was just in Soviet Russia, but no. It is the heartbeat of America now.

But I will labor on and speak my Conscience because I do so out of
loyalty to my King,
loyalty to my ancestors,
loyalty to my descendants and
loyalty to my own conscience.

And they hate that, the devil’s children just hates that.

Tilting at windmills? Perhaps.
But I will go to my grave in peace knowing I have held nothing back.

Fritz Berggren
Virginia, North America.
6 January 2023

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