War In The U.S Part 3: No One Voted For This!

War in the US: No One Voted for This!

They kill, injections destroy the immune system and the heart. They FORCE you to get the jab. Want a job? Get the jab. NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS! It is killing our best and strongest and youngest. They KNEW, they KNOW, and the STILL shamelessly lie about all this.

The steal. Inflation is theft for those of us who do not own banks. NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS! We are debt slaves while they grant themselves free bailouts, whether it is Congressmen paying off their mistresses, Wall Street banks getting bailouts, Fortune 100 companies getting bailouts. Airlines and Big Box Stores stayed open while churches and diners were shut. They stole from the poor and gave to the rich.

They lie: “its for your own good,” they say. “Get the covid vaccine and you won’t get covid.” NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS! Obama Care: “You can keep your doctor.”

For years Congress has passed omnibus appropriations thousands of pages long and no one even reads them. They mock us: “we have to pass it before we know what is in it.”  “Democracy” is whatever our overlords say it is.

They encourage the hatred of White people. They teach Whites to hate themselves so we lack the will to defend our families. They tell non-Whites to hate Whites in order to advance cultural genocide that WILL wind up in physical genocide. This has already started with a vaccine that kills, induced famine that starves, replacement by the native populations of White nations by those that hate us and destroy our children. NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS! No one voted for open borders, or Critical Race Theory (the Hated of Whites).

They abuse children. Forcing LGBTQ as “normal” is evil. NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS! Forcing faggotry and transgenderism on our children is the sexual, physical, and psychological slaughter of Children.  Those promoting LGBTQ in children should be treated with all the wrath that heaven and earth can muster.

Parents that assent to the abuse of their children share in the guilt of their destruction. They trusted you, Dad, and you sold them to Satan. On the Judgement Day, your own child will condemn you.

Rules are for the little people while the truly rich and powerful get away with murders: The Clintons Body Count, Seth Richards, Epstein, Ashly Babbitt, Ruby Ridge, Waco, JFK, RFK, MLK Jr, the lone Las Vegas Shooter, and the list goes on. False flags from the Gulf of Tonkin to the USS Maine to “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq. Who is running the show? It sure isn’t a “democracy.” The people have no say in how things are run. NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS!

Voting continues in order to maintain the illusion of legitimacy. If people believe they have a say in how they are governed, they are easy to control.

Fake news! This trend started a decade ago when President Obama called for a way to “curate the news” and all the little totalitarians have been on the bandwagon ever since. NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS!

Protesting against White people and Christians is safe and legal: then you can burn down cities like anti-Fa and BLM did in the summer of 2020.  But don’t you dare speak up or rally for your own interests as Whites or Christians or traditional Americans. To even identify as a White  puts you in danger of getting their list.

The National Security Council’s Strategy to Counter Domestic Terrorism (June 2021) makes enemies out of half of America, as reflected in Biden’s “Red Sermon.”  NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS!

No one is untouched by this war. Those who meekly submit only delay their death, at best they push it off onto their children.

Dissenters are punished. It is the same old style of tyranny in the old Soviet Union, right here in America. America has become what we fought against in the Cold War.

“White Nationalism” and “Christian Nationalism” are the greatest threats to America says President Biden and the Director of Homeland Security and the Attorney General and the Democrat Party and most Republicans most pastors and preachers.

So there you go. Whites and Christians.

DO NOT grovel before those who hate you.  Prove yourselves worthy of your God and ancestors by doing the opposite of what they want. Build White identity and white families and white communities and white nations and White pride.

Christian, God gave you your ancestors, and commands you to honor them. Jesus Christ said “if you speak even of them you are worthy of death.” Do not call your ancestors the evil names (antisemitic, racist, sexist, homophobic),

They called Jesus Christ insane, demon-possessed, a bastard, filled with the devil, a deceiver — why do you expect better, Christian? Never cower before Christ’s enemies.

If the homosexual has “Pride” in evil, should we not declare the pride of European man?

God gave you the Ancestors you are supposed to have and COMMANDS you to honor then. You honor them by being proud of them, defending their offspring (you), building families and kith and kin and the land that Providence provided unto your forefathers. It is worth fighting for, all of this.

Should we not boldly declare Pride in our Monarch, Jesus Christ, the Anti-Jew? Make your ancestors and God proud that you bear their name. NEVER apologize for being who you are — they don’t.

Do you know why the Jews hated Jesus Christ? Among many reasons, Jesus Christ rebuked the Jews for undermining loyalty to one’s blood ancestors; the Jews demanded from others loyalty to themselves not to one’s own blood — they are hypocrites. (Matthew 15:1-9)  Jesus Christ pushed back so hard the Jews  murdered him.

War and enmity.

We are at war. The time has passed to parse, to shuffle, to speak delicately, to fear “offending” those who we should offend.

In Blood and Faith,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
North America
13 June 2023














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