“Jewishness” of Jesus

Jesus, Son of David, King of the Jews.

The Lord promised King David a descendant that would sit on his throne forever. That descendant is Jesus Christ to the extent that Mary was of biological descent from King David. David was King of Israel, king of God’ chosen people, which cannot be equated with “Jews.” This included what became know as the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel and the Two Southern Tribes, Benjamin and Judah. The Ten Tribes were lost to history according to many. The Southern two tribes were destroyed; they abandoned Jerusalem in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem. By that time there had already been significant racial intermingling with Esau/Edom whom God hated. Kind Herod was an Edomite.

Is Jesus Christ the King of the Jews?
Jesus Christ is King of All Nations.
Jesus Christ is King of Israel (which cannot be equated with “the Jews.”)
The Europeans (Pilate and the Centurion) recognized Jesus Christ as Ruler.
The Jews rejected Jesus Christ as their Ruler and King.

Is Jesus a Jew?

If we define a Jew as those who call themselves Jews in 2023 A.D., then the answer is emphatically no, for those people are converts to Judaism from a variety of sources including Edom (like Herod) and Khazaria (modern day Ukraine) who converted en masse over a thousand years ago, making them “twice the sons of hell” as the original Pharisees, whom were (according to Jesus Christ) the devil’s own children (“You brood of vipers!” Matthew 23:33 and John 8:44).

Is a Jew those from the land of Judea, as defined at the time of Christ? Not according to the Jews of that time. The “Jews” of that time accused Jesus of being the bastard child of a Roman. They called him a Nazarene, and a Galilean. When Pilate put “Ruler of Judea,” or “King of the Jews” on his cross, the Jews themselves denied it was true. It is true that Jesus Christ was born in the land of Judea (Bethlehem) but he immediately left (to Egypt) and would never dwell there again. He did all He could to avoid the land of the Jews and went, with trepidation, to the land of the Jews to face His crucifixion.

If you define Jew as a follower of Judaism, then by no means was Jesus Christ a follower of Talmudism — he utterly rejected the “traditions,” and the followers of the “traditions” utterly rejected Him. He refuted the Talmud teachers and called them children of hell.

There was one “Jew” among the Twelve, and that was the traitor Judas Iscariot who sided with his people — the Jews — over Jesus Christ. Both the Angel in Acts 1 and the “Jews” in Acts 2 testify that the Disciples were, in fact, Galileans.

Modern Jewry has co-opted the name, “Jew” and Judaism. Like their father Satan, they appear to be something they are not. Jesus Christ has the last word on the Jews: they “say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” (Rev 2:9). That must be the final word for Christians today.

Modern evangelicals declare the “Jewishness” of Jesus in order to be loved by “those who call themselves, Jews, but lie, and are a synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 3:9) Proclaiming the “Jewishness” of Jesus has nothing to do with honoring Jesus Christ, it is an effort to be “friends with the world.” (James 4:4) Seeking Jewish approval over Christ’s is to join one’s self with the Great Whore (Rev 18:4). Such pandering is a betrayal of Jesus Christ.

Jews hated, and still hate, Jesus Christ. No Christian should, like Judas Iscariot, seek favor with Jews. No Christian should seek forgiveness (for what?) from Jews, nor call them “brothers.” For the one who does so “partakes of their evil deeds.” (2 John 11)

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