By Any Means Necessary

We must eliminate the hatred toward our people.
Being White is  our identity. It’s my identity.

Anti-White beliefs must be combatted by any means necessary.
For too long people have failed to take anti-White hatred seriously.

This is very real threat to Whites, and that along makes it worth fighting will all our soul, with all our mind.

[ Replace “white” with “Jew” in the above, and that is exactly what the Jews are saying while occupying the highest offices in the land.  Read this in Politico.

I wonder if the Vice President’s Jewish Husband and the Jewish “Special Envoy” to counter Anti-Semitism will get interviews by Federal Law Enforcement for being extremists, or inciting racial hatred.

Nah, of course not.  These New Pharisees are hypocrites just like the old Pharisees of two thousand years ago.  They have rules others must follow, but not them. Jesus Christ hated them.]

It is Jews themselves who incite hatred toward Whites.







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