Child Butchery, and Saying the Forbidden

The good news is people are starting to say the forbidden outloud.
Our country has reached such a low state that we need all ideas on the table.

If you reject the idea because someone calls it “racist,” then that is now they subjugated you. It is very effective.

When we normalize the butchery of children this country does not deserve to exist any more.  Sodom, Gomorrah and the Aztecs all where destroyed for such things.

While the Vice President lectures Russia about Crimes Against Humanity (a la Nuremburg), how about hanging any doctor cutting up little children for “sex reassignment surgery?” Execute them.  Child butchery is your crime against humanity and this nation will be judged by the very words out of VPOTUS’s mouth.

Homosexuality, in any sane society, should be outlawed, let alone allowing homosexual men to adopt little boys and girls.  Enough.

What looks good and right and normal?  Say the forbidden: Homogenous ethno-states with defensible borders, shared language and historical identity. That is organic.

Rooting for your favorite football team, or saying “we are all Americans” because we have the same passport — those are inorganic identities, false identities.

An organic identity is rooted in land, family, sex (which is fixed), neighbors, kith, those who look, think, speak, and live like you. It is what protects the individual, and makes them whole.

Radical individualism is the bleaching of a person from what protects him and from what makes him whole right down to his race and sex and gender and language and land. Strip of man of that and you control him, because you destroy him. In return, our pagan gods provide false identities like a sports-ball club to cheer, or a fake social cause based on a false morality (saving the whales, global warming, homosexual rights). This is a sick and bleached society.

As the system is destroyed, it is time to imagine what a successful nation looks like. What is good, and right and normal? Do not limit yourself to currently “acceptable” ideas. That’s how they controlled you.

The ideas we need are to return to everything they have taken from us. A return to blood and faith.

24 February 2023

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