Evangelical Christians Made A Pact with Satan’s Synagogue

Recording of a live feed. It is time to question everything. Proverbs should be read aloud at the beginning of every day in our public school classrooms. When children are targeted with LGBTQ, the end is nigh (reference Gen 19:4-5). The US should withdraw from NATO and let Europe sort out the Ukraine issue.

The evangelical church has made a pact with Satan. The church agreed to tell the world that those who call themselves jews are “God’s chosen”, to give them anything they ask for, and to withdraw all Christian influences from public life. In return, the Church can pose with a false morality of being “against antisemitism.” This truly is a bargain with the devil. References: 2 John 7-11 and 1 Thes 2:14-16 and Revelation 18, especially verse 4.

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