The Gospel Targets Europeans.

European man is targeted for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is biblical proof.

  • Seven churches in Revelation all European.
  • Scriptures written in a European language after the Resurrection.
  • The Galatians were Celts.
  • Paul goes to Europe as to most of the Apostles.
  • No aposlte writes a letter to churches in any other specific region of the earth.
  • The Jews prophesied Jesus was going to the “Dispersion among the Greeks.” The Ten
  • Tribes left and went to dwell among the Greeks and other Europeans. John 7:35.
  • The Greeks themselves sought out Jesus and that was the sign for Jesus: “the hour has come.” John 12:19-21.
  • And finally, it is clear from Genesis 9:27 that the sons of Shem and the sons of Japheth would be dwelling very close together.



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