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Christian Music and the White Race

Once upon a time the white race universally worshipped Jesus Christ. That was our glory. That was our honor. That was the crown upon our head. Oh Lord Jesus Christ bring thy mercy to my people once again!   \

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The Enemy of the Gospel Remains the Jews

From Genesis through the Revelation the enemy of the Gospel never changes. The “bible-believing” church has invented a different Gospel because they are ashamed of what Jesus Christ said to and about the Jews in His Word.

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Faggotry and Judgment

They call us “transphobic.” They call us “homophobic.” We gave them respect. We deferred to their proclivities by being politely quiet and adopting their preferred nomenclature — “gay” — because we don’t like conflict and want to get along. Live … Continue reading

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“Christians” Renounce Christian Nationalism

“Behold, your King!” said Pilate. The Jews responded “We have no King but Caesar!” This is the same statement made by those “Christians Against Christian Nationalism”  

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Notes on Matthew

Jesus — not the Cotton Candy God — not the “super nice guy.” Traditions — the origins of the Talmud and Rabbinical Judaism. The leaven of the Pharisees infesting the church today. Professors as child molesters (Matthew 18:6) … Continue reading

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Groveling Before the Antichrist

If there was one earthly source of evil in the world, would you care? Would you pay attention to it? Jesus Christ identifies Satan’s children and Satan’s synagogue. Will the church fight Jesus Christ on this? It has so far … Continue reading

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Rebel Leader One Is Calling You . . .

Everyone wants to be freedom fighter, but few are willing to risk. A man who will not speak his conscience is a coward and a slave. This rebellion requires bravery. Just bravery. The brave turn on the light and wake … Continue reading

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What To Do About the AntiChrist . . .

Now that we have accurately identified the AntiChrist — the Jews — what do we do about it? Pray for the Jew: Instead of praying to bless the Antichrist — the Jews — we must pray the imprecatory Psalms over … Continue reading

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The Jews ARE the Antichrist

Jews fit the exact description of the antichrist. They deny the father and the son (1 John 2:22) They deny that the Christ has already come in the flesh (2 John 7) The Jews murdered the prophets. 1 Thes 2:14-15 … Continue reading

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Lies Destroy Legitimacy

The more a government lies the more it undermines its own legitimacy. To the degree a government lies, to that degree it is illegitimate. Liars need to create ever greater lies to sustain their previous lies.  Every day a growing … Continue reading

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