Lies Destroy Legitimacy

The more a government lies the more it undermines its own legitimacy. To the degree a government lies, to that degree it is illegitimate.

Liars need to create ever greater lies to sustain their previous lies.  Every day a growing number of people know that their government lies to them on every issue.

There are only two ways for the government to respond to this — either collapses and allows a new government to form (and this capacity is not built in to any government), or it must increase the penalties toward those refusing to repeat the lies, to agree with the lies, to submit to the lies, or be silent before the lies.

We are deep into this cycle — from de-platforming web sites, to arresting political dissenters, to forming yet new government task forces to reinforce the lies and create new lies.  The government is creating special classes of people — those who back to lies — that are immune from prosecution for violence against those of us who will not submit to the lies  — these are the Antifas, the BLMs, the Tranny Protestors.

We are in a revolutionary moment.  This lies have grown to be unsustainable.  They are fragile.  They will not by any means surrender to their own illegitimacy.  They will double their lies and triple the penalties against those speaking against their narrative of lies.

Now is not the time to grow weak-kneed and passive in the face of their lies. Now is the time to double down on the truths that drive them mad.  Trannies and homos must be called just that — we must not “respect” their lies.  Lying politicians are just that — liars.  Thieves and corrupt presidents must be called lying and corrupt human beings.  Government bureaucrats to protect child molestors (Epstein’s visitors) must be held as guilty as the those in the room.   Child molestors, child rapists, may not be allowed to hide behind the latest perversion as if they were somehow on the side of “human rights.” Child groomers must get the same punishment as if they had molested those children directly — try them and hang them.

The future of all children is in our hands – we must not seek our own comfort when they are at risk, otherwise their Great Judge and Advocate will hold us accountable for our cowardice in the face of monumental evil.

Now is the time for our generation if we would but rise to this noble task.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
April 17, 2023

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