Rebel Leader One Is Calling You . . .

Everyone wants to be freedom fighter, but few are willing to risk.
A man who will not speak his conscience is a coward and a slave.
This rebellion requires bravery. Just bravery.
The brave turn on the light and wake up the world.

For you brothers, your sons, your ancestors, your descendants.
Help them see the enemy — the antichrist.
The Jew is the Antichrist — sold out to Satan — Matthew 4:8-9
Jews took the offer that Jesus Christ refused.

All other efforts are a misdirection play.

Jesus Christ is Rebel Leader One.
Say what Rebel Leader One says.

Revelation 2:9
Revelation 3:9
1 John 2:22
2 John 7
John 8:44

This is the real rebellion.
For our blood, our kin, our King, our honor.

In blood and faith . . .

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