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Yes, We CAN Build and Ethnic and Christian Nation/State

The biggest lie out there is that we cannot build explicit Christian and ethnically based nation states. It is not even a discussion, except outside of the permitted conversation. As a result, every single political conversation on the acceptable Right … Continue reading

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Listen to the Bible 24/7/365  

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Scriptures Are the White Blood Cells of Society

Scriptures are the White-Blood cells of a culture. When you reduce the white blood cell count, they body is more susceptible to infection and disease. When you excise the Holy Scriptures from society, the society has no defense against lies. … Continue reading

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Of Trannies and Jews

Never make the mistake of conflating those who call themselves Jews with the biological children of Israel. Modern European false-Jews largely descend from the Khazarians — a tribe geographically located near modern Ukraine. That tribe, a fierce and powerful nation, … Continue reading

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Societal Collapse

The societal collapse appears to be accelerating.  The church remains silent with a few exceptions.  The nature of totalitarian societies begins with the “education” system which conditions children to be silent and to submit.  This isn’t something we can vote … Continue reading

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Ongoing Wars: WW3 and CW2

The ongoing global and civil wars. Peace comes via submission or victory, not by “getting along” with the enemy.  Extraordinary violence approaches. Also, some light reading to provide non-theological background to our era: The American Crisis Intensifies, by George Friedman … Continue reading

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Trannies and the Silent Church Nothing is more evil than cutting up live children and calling it good. The church is silent is the face of Satan’s synagogue. This podcast is a call for the Pastors and all Christians to stop loving their lives … Continue reading

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Fig Trees and Frauds

“No longer shall there EVER be fruit from you.” Praying for the peace of Jerusalem –> pray for the Church! Satan’s synagogue, Identity thieves, frauds, imposters  

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The White Race and the Twelve Tribes

Herein you understand why Satan and his synagogue (the Jews) hate the white race.  The white race (Europeans, the sons of Japheth) have special significance in the Holy Scriptures. Genesis 9:27:  “May God enlarge Japheth and may he dwell in … Continue reading

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Easter 2023: John 20-21

Resurrection Sunday, the Son of God rises from the dead of His own power. John 10:18. A

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