Illegitimate Regime and How to Resist

The current ruling regime is illegitimate. The organs of power have no accountability to the people they rule regardless of their claims of protecting democracy.

They will take ALL power unless met with enough resistance to defeat them. Token resistance (on our part) will be welcomed by them as it only serves to illustrate the historical inevitability of their victory. We are required as Christians to resist the antichrist even up to losing our lives.

They are replacing it — now — with whatever definition of “democracy” they desire which at the moment includes mandatory indoctrination of children and adults int homosexuality, trans-sexuality and abortion. To oppose these evils to to be “antidemocratic.” The J6ers are political prisoners, and the leader of the political opposition (Trump) was arrested. They openly deride the U.S. Constitution (the Bill ofRights).

Who is they? It is the Democrat party and its many incarnations, supporters, and fellow travelers including Republicans who exist only to pretend

and thus validate the Democrats. It is Satan himself and his legion. And it is Satan’s children, His synagogue. That the few resistors are terrified of explicitly naming their adversary illustrates our weakness. One cannot win a war without identify, isolating, and crushing a specific foe — Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil and, by extension, of his children. We have declined to be specific while they (all the above) has a vast apparatus of naming, isolating and causing specific individuals. They demonize people, isolate them and destroy them economically, legally, politically, socially and even medically. The “Anti-Defamation League” excels at defaming and generating hatred toward whomever they accuse of “hate,” epitomizing the hypocrisy that Jesus Christ highlighted among the Jews.

We are unwilling — due to cowardice — of even identifying the enemy.

Should we name, isolate and render until them what they have rendered unto us — or at least try — then I will believe the Resistance as a chance.

Many of us continue to raise our voices as acts of resistance (which in their minds rises to the level of “stochastic” violence). We are using the Constitution (the First Amendment) as intended, while they subvert the Constitution in the name of “preserving democracy,” “fighting hate,” and “combatting misinformation.” The Democrat party promotes the tyranny while the Republicans pretend to care (they don’t, with few exceptions).

The primary node of resistance remains immobilized — preachers in the pulpits. Why are the preachers powerless? Because over the last several generations we have abandoned the written Word of God for a few man-made traditions (which is that the Jews did to the Laws of Moses). Instead of perceiving the Great Commission as “discipling nations,” it is perceived as “discipling a few individuals.” From the very beginning the goal has always been entire nations — the ancient Hebrews are our role model.

Also, the Church has been unwillingly to identity the Biblical Enemy — Satan and his seed. Preachers grovel before Satan’s synagogue and falsely proclaim them as God’s chosen; Jesus Christ said the Jews are not real Jews and are in fact Satan’ synagogue. But the church is ashamed of these words.

Finally, the church has fallen for the very deception that corrupted Eve — the desire for a third path, a neutral path that offends neither God nor honors Satan — the independence of mankind. This is arrogance — mankind is incapable of independence from Jesus Christ.

There is no third path — it is either Christ or antichrist. There is no “we can all get along” path to go on. There is no example in the Bible of God’s people peacefully coexisting with other religions. This example does not exist. But the church wants peace with the world and friendship, too.

When people wonder, “when does the violence start,” it illustrates the deficit we find ourselves in. The violence began at least in 2020 with the riots, arson, assaults, murders and the effective secession of U.S. territory — the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). It continues with hundreds of political prisoners, the indictment of the leader of the political opposition, and the use of the FBI to infiltrate churches and create crimes (false flag events) where none occurred. If Antifa is relatively quiet today is only because they find it suboptimal to wreak havoc publicly — for the moment. They are the plausibly deniable armed faction of those who run our governments and power centers. They have protection from oligarchs, politicians, the corporate world, and the Synagogue of Satan.

We are already in the strangulation stage by the tyrants and the self-obsessed lovers of tyranny. That the Constitution is no bar to the suppression of free speech — which is openly promoted and practiced — is indicative of the post-Constitutional nature of our situation. Once the Constitution is regarded by our own government bureaucrats as a relic of “racist” and “antidemocratic” forces, there is no common understanding between governed and the government; we have already receded to a contest of force. And they have the force.

But again, how to we respond?

We are still in the stage of waking people up to the tyranny we already live under. That so many seem oblivious, or even suspicious, of such claims belies the monumental task ahead of us.

Pastors, by and large, appear content to allow their chains to rest lightly upon themselves. Much of this is because the Church — led by the Pastors — have abandoned large sections of the Holy Scriptures so they see little to flight over as long as they can hold — except under “Emergency” situations like an outbreak of Covid — Sunday services for an hour or so. That so many buckled so quickly illustrates the degree to which Pastors are unable or unwilling to think for themselves, and how quickly they “submit to their rulers” without any countervailing allegiance to that grand Monarch Himself, Jesus Christ.

Pastors seem OK with secular world order. That the children are indoctrinated into atheism and homosexuality seems but a minor thing to them, all to be rectified by an eternally approaching rapture that never seems to come in time — witness children being mutilated in the name of “gender affirming medical care.”

The fact is this: the Antichrist rules now. He’s not coming — he is here. That the church is looking for some other boogie man only insulates him/it from our resistance. Stop waiting to be brave — every condition of 2 John 2:22 has already been met by those who rule the world.

There are only two possibilities — rule by Jesus Christ or rule by Antichrist. And we seem to have made our choice. It was the Deceiver who lulled Eve into the idea that there was a third path — following neither God nor Satan, allowing each to choose according to their will. That third path will always lead to rule by Antichrist with his required human sacrifices (abortion) and the physically and psychological rape of children (the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism). Satan and his synagogue have an insatiable appetite for human blood sacrifice of the most innocent.

The Great Commission began in Genesis, with Adam and Eve being commanded to fill the world with the image of God. Jesus Christ never abolished that command, but sought only to advance that mission with the disciplining of entire nations, of which the ancient Hebrews were to be an example (but failed). It remains the churches job to convert not just individual souls, but to bring discipline to entire nations. Short of this vision, we cede the field to antichrist.

Do not believe today’s depravities are the limit — every example of these “revolutions” shows unlimited thirst for blood. Russia, China, Pol Pot, Cuba, the French Revolution — the blood has only been a trickle. It will come in oceans before the end and right now they have no opposition.

Primary to this opposition is the ability to Name the Enemy. The church has been content to wring hands of the “devil” while making excuses for the poor and the lost whom God loves and who just happen to be the perpetrators of these evils. Jesus Christ made clear his hatred for the devil’s children and made no attempts at smoothing over the conflicts when he referred to Jews as the Synagogue of Satan and as the devil’s own children. These are the words of Jesus Christ no some deranged lunatic — except that is exactly what they called Jesus Christ. That Christian Pastors are too Christian for Christ is illustrative of our inability to mount any defense whatsoever of Christian rights — to live in a society that honors our Monarch Jesus Christ in which we can raise our children as His protected children, not Satan’s fodder.

This is not just a right — it is our sacred duty to create such societies.

The Alternate media has always been the Pulpit. But so far it has remained silent, if not supportive, of the current tyranny, while offering parishioners the false hope of an imminent rapture and the lie that an antichrist people are somehow “God’s chosen.”

Only a radical (meaning, to the root) return to the written Word of God will energize a church which seems not to care when the government shuts them down, and a church that condemns the words of Jesus Christ as hate speech (John 8:44, Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9).

It is going to get worse.
It will either:
1) Get worse, and then get even worse.
2) Get worse, and then better if and only if the Pulpits blaze in loyalty to our Monarch and His Word. Christendom reborn, resurrected, advancing toward the establishment of proud and Christian Nations, utterly rejecting Satan his church, the Jews, the Beast, the Antichrist.

We are not waiting on Him.
He is waiting on us.

Glory calls.
The challenge is here.
Believe and raise our voices — proudly, boldly.
Love not our lives unto death.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
May 2, 2023 A.D.

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