The Lost Sons of Christendom

What are we gaining by staying within the accepted narrative?
A gentler slavery?
A delayed genocide?

Imagine a white and christian nation.
Imagine many.
Let the Jews howl.
They amplify their message through both controlled political parties, professors, government officials, and Judeo-Christian churches.

Jews demand ethnic dilution in white nations only.
It is divide and conquer.
Meanwhile they have their own ethno-state; rejecting Arabs, Christians, Africans.
Jew are the ultimate frauds, they are liars and have nothing to do with the Patriarch Jacob/Israel.

Saying all this is “forbidden,” of course.
Which makes it all the more important to say.
These thoughts must be normalized amongst the lost sons of Christendom.

(Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9, John 8:44).

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