May Blues

Unlike you 🙂 I get moody. I have my ups and downs. I experience some victories and many defeats. I know what I am doing but I question what I am doing. Is is worth it? Am I doing the right thing?  What if I’m wrong?

I am reminded of Peter who doubted and the prophets who complained.  I am reminded of Jesus Christ who prayed that the trial would bypass Him,  and also said aloud “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” Embrace the Suck | The Art of Story

I do not have any good news for people who want an easy life.  I am terrified of Jesus Christ.   I fear Him.   And as a child I love my Father — I can’t help it.  Does this even make sense?  Does it need to make sense? It is true, I tell you.

I can give you Scriptures but I wouldn’t expect that to make a difference. 

I say these things to offer encouragement to myself — and you too.  It’s supposed to be hard.  It was hard on the Apostles, that is why they spoke of endurance —  hardships.  Isn’t God supposed to bless us and give us a nice life?  I can’t see that with the Patriarchs, Moses, Gideon, Joshua, the Prophets, John the Baptist or Jesus Christ. Or Adam, for that matter.  I am super happy for those that have nice lives — saved or unsaved — I really am.  But if you’re not in that club, then just make sure to seek His Kingdom first while you embrace the suck.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
May 9, 2023

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