A Warning About the Jews (The Book of Esther)

The Book of the Esther is about Jews subverting non-Jewish countries, taking power, and murdering their enemies.

  • Mordecai, the Jew, refused to obey the King. Haman recognized the deceit and disloyalty of the Jews toward the Kingdom and sought to address it.
  • The Jew, Esther, hid her identity so she could infiltrate the center of power and then revealed her Jewishness when she could play the victim.
  • As “victim,” the Jews slaughtered 75,000 people. Not one Jew was killed in the book of Esther.
  • There is no reference whatsoever to the Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob.
  • There is no prayer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob.
  • These Jews do not consider themselves sons of Israel, just Jews.
  • There is no reference to Moses or to his Law.
  • Mordecai offers his cousin in marriage to a pagan in order to get close to the centers of power (a follower of the God of Israel would never have done this).
  • The people in this empire greatly feared the Jews.
  • Many non-Jews converted to become “Jews” because of their great power.
  • The festival of Purim celebrates the slaughter of non-Jews and has nothing to do with the feasts of Moses or the Law.
  • The Jews did best in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural empire where they could seize power by getting close to the king, claiming victim-hood, and murdering their enemies.

The Book of Esther is the Jewish “how to” manual.
For everyone else, it is a warning about the Jews and what they will do to your nation.

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