Africa and Black Men (According to a Black Man)

Pastor David Manning speaks about Africa and Black men.:

  • ” . . . black men built nothing . . . no houses above one level.”
  • “No monuments — Egypt is not Africa”
  • “No sewer systems”
  • “No great cites.”

IQ By Country and Continent:

The continent of Africa is exceedingly rich.  Yet the Sub-Saharan Africans, on their own, could not build anything that looked like Europe during the same centuries before the Europeans showed up in Africa. This has nothing to do with “racism” or “lack of education.”  Wakanda never existed.

Haiti is another example. They got rid of all the white devils.  Two centuries with no whites to blame and they still can’t make it.

The mass invasion of white nations, pushed by the Jews, is not designed to help blacks but rather to genocide whites.

It is OK for whites to notice this, and to say this. If you find yourself calling this post “racist” then you are truly and deeply controlled by the Cult.

We have lost so many possibilities as a race, as families, and as individuals just because we submit to their regime of control by self-censoring our thoughts and conversations.  It’s a shame. We think of ourselves as the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” but we are neither free or brave when we grovel before their cudgels of guilt and self-hatred.

Start being brave enough to be called a “racist” or “homophobe,” and we’ll reclaim our freedom.

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