The Argument for White and Christian Nationalism

What is the argument for White and Christian Nationalism?

White nationalism says “whites are good and ought to have a place and identify of their own just like Jews, Palestinians, Native Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, and virtually every other racial/ethnic group on the planet.”  Whiteness is not a disease, like Jews teach.  No non-white has ever said “moving to white areas is against my own interest.” Not even the Jews are fleeing white America.  In fact, non-whites ought to encourage the preservation of the white race and cultures.  I mean, what good has African culture done for Africa? African culture is celebrated in the United States as a means of self-validation for Blacks — fantastic. But that hardly addresses the issue. Black Africans minus the influence of Europeans equals Haiti. Harsh, but true.   Much of post-colonial Africa prospers only to the extent that European values (like, engineering and Christianity) have permeated their culture.  Unfortunately, eliminating actual whites from leading those countries yields collapse — watch South African implode.

Christian Nationalism says “Jesus Christ is Lord.  The values of the Bible are the values of our culture. We insist that loving our white ancestors is obedience to Jesus Christ. We reject trannies and homosexuals as role models for our children.”  A Christian nation understands that Jesus Christ is our Monarch — politically, legally, morally and culturally we are loyal to Him.  Jesus Christ commands that we honor our ancestors (the Fifth Commandment) — it is Jesus Christ himself that validates the white race and commands that whites reject every self-hatred and guilt.  We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ, not by the approval of those who hate us (the Jews).

THIS is the reason for white and Christian nationalism — it is the only viable response to the hatred of Jews toward whites.

It is these two ideas that Satan (and by extensions, the Jews) fear more than anything else.  It has been true for centuries.  Thus, the Jews advanced the Moslem invasion of Spain in the 600s and 700s AD.  Thus the Jews supported the slaughter of White Christians in Armenia and Russia in the twentieth century.  Today they promoted hatred toward the white race.   Jews are the ultimate hypocrites: claiming to be against hate they propagate hatred toward the white race.  As with the invasion of Spain, Jews advocate the invasion of white and Christian Nations by non-whites and non-Christians in order to advance the Jewish agenda of white genocide.

The union of the white race with our monarch Jesus Christ is the salvation for the white race and the sure defense against Satan and his synagogue.  Nothing short of this union will stop the genocide; and that is why they hate white nationalism and Christian nationalism.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 May 2023 A.D.

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