Corporate Body of Satan

Corporate Body of Satan

To the extent that Jews reject Jesus as the Christ, they ARE antichrist.
These false Jews are the partner of Satan.
As the church is supposed to be the body of Christ, so the Jews are Satan’s hands and feet on the earth.

Ephesians 5:23
1 Corinthians 12:27.

When Christians side with the antichrist (defined as those who reject the Father and the Son) do they not become the very Whore of Babylon we are warned to flee?
Rev 18:4
1 John 2:22

Jesus called Jews the devil’s children, and the synagogue of Satan.
Why do Christians reject what Jesus said?

Christians refuting Jesus Christ and siding with the Jews make themselves enemies of God (James 4:4) and put forth their hand to do evil (2 John 11)

The world with either serve Satan’s proxy, the Jews, or they will serve Jesus Christ. There is no third path.

If the devil’s biggest deceit was the convince the world that he does not exist, a very close second is to convince the world that modern Jews are “God’s chosen people,” Nothing could be further from the truth than these two lies.

These Jews have become Satan’s chosen people, his bride, the devil’s partner in mankind. Jesus Christ rejected Satan’s offer of power and wealth, just as Abram rejected the King of Sodom’s offer for wealth.

The Jews accepted Satan’s offer. Luke 4:6 Satan grants the Jews the world’s power and wealth and in return they implement Satan’s plan for mankind — which is destruction, especially for the children of the Woman (those of us in Jesus Christ). All of Europe was once Christendom — it is Satan’s work to strip Christ from Christendom, the Savior from the white race.

Do not be so high-minded as to condemn this concept as “racist,” for Satan’s minions (the Jews) are they very embodiment of the hypocrisy Christ condemned.  Jews  do what they condemn in others. Jews claim to be “against racism” but they are the very worst at inciting hatred against Christians, whites, and everyone who dissents from their agenda.

Every Jewish protestation against’s “haters” is pure hypocrisy — that very statement is designed to inspire hatred toward those the Jews hate.  Christ is right again — he reviled the hypocrisy of the Jews. Jews condemnin others (hatred) that which they openly foment (hatred)!

There could not be a close match to the Jews of Christ’s time as there is to the Jews of today (who are not real Jews, but false Jews, of Satan’s synagogue).

The Church is guilty of siding with the Antichrist, the Jews, Satan, the Whore, and Babylon the great.

This is the great dividing line.
You are either for Jesus Christ or for the Jews — you cannot be for both.  Christians siding with Jews have made themselves at enmity with God (James 4:4) and put their hands forth to support evil (2 John 11).  They are not Christians at all, but are Judeo-Christians and equally anti-christ.  This is why Jesus warned to the Church to separate from that Great False Wife — the false Jews — the children of the devil.

Do your homework.

Rev 2:9
Rev 3:9
John 8:44
James 4:4
1 John 2:22-23
2 John 7
2 John 11
Rev 18:4
Luke 4:6
1 Cor 12:27
Matthew 23:15

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