Do Not Be Of Two Minds

We live in a great age for the daring, for the willing, for the brave. The regime of “hate speech” laws grows daily, from the U.N. to the US to your local communities. Mark my words: their aim is to wipe out the Word of God. And for too long, now, the church remains silent because they “don’t want to offend” the world. Jesus Christ fought the hypocrites of then — your duty is to carry on His Work.

All denunciations of “hate speech” are inherently hate speech and hypocritical. Calling someone a purveyor of hate is to incite hatred toward said purveyer.

Christians, either denounce Jesus Christ as a purveyor of hate speech, or be proud of EVERY word He spoke. Pastor, your duty is to renounce these self-righteous, holier-than-thou, modern day Pharisees and hypocrites just as Jesus Christ did.

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