Jews Not a Race (Except When Convenient)

Jon Stewart is Jewish who pretends to be white when it is convenient.

Jews are not considered a race or ethnicity by the US Government.  See here:

How convenient for the Jews, who do not consider themselves white.

What does this mean? It means that a University — any university — may publish racial statistics that demonstrated a 95% “white” racial component when in reality the Jews could theoretically up 30% of admissions (when Jews are only 2% of Americans).



It means that the Generals in the Army could 40% Jews, but “officially” one would never know because the USG does not distinguish “Jews” as separate category from noticing “overrepresentation.”

At the same time the USG funds “Antisemitic” protection programs for Jews because they are a “persecuted” minority and funds Jewish institutions with hundreds of millions of dollars.  US Taxpayers send billions of dollars annually to the State of Israel, which by their own laws is the homeland for Jews — a Jewish Ethno-state. 

They have it both ways, as their own convenience dictates.
This is the hypocrisy of the Jew that Jesus Christ warned about.

Jews claim victim status as a “persecuted minority” whenever they want.   How convenient.  And they have their own nuclear weapons in an ethno-state funded by the United States who does not recognize “Jews” as a separate category except when it is convenient

The USG does not fund the white identity movement, but it a Jewish ethno-state.  Why not fund a white ethno-state?

US Tax payers fund a Jewish Museum (the “Holocaust” Museum) as an official statement that Jews are a persecuted minority, yet refuses to count Jews as a separate minority group.  Why? Because people might “notice” that Jews have more power than they would like anyone to notice.

Jews don’t want to be officially counted; yet they really like being considered “victims.”

This Jewish double-standard means that the Biden Administration can appear mostly white, yet Jews are disproportionately over-represented in the White House.   (When are black people going to notice this?)

It means that, until RBG passed way, 33% of the Supreme Court was Jewish, but the USG does not Jews as separate category when looking at race.  It is “antisemitic” to notice that a Jew is a Jew even though Jews claim not to be whites, except when they don’t want to be counted.  Noticing is “antisemitic.”

Jews hate whites.

This should remind any biblically literate person of “hypocrisy” of the Pharisees (Jewish leaders).  The Jews hated Jesus Christ (still do), murdered Him (but He rose from the dead!) and continue to hate whites and Christ today. This will not change. Whites and Christians need to wake up.

As in the Bible, Jews wield enormous influence to defend and advance their own interests. They claim to be Patriotic (“We have not King but Caesar!”) when really they are loyal only to themselves. Read the Book of Esther: Jews claim to be a persecuted minority yet the reality was they controlled the Persian Empire and slaughtered 75,000 who never raised a hand to hurt them.

Same story applies today. Same people Jesus Christ warned you against. Same hypocrisy.


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