What Happens Next? This Does. And the Sooner the Better.

What Happens Next? This Does. And the Sooner the Better.

Eventually enough Americans will turn against the evil filth that is flooding this country. Eventually they will consciously accept that fact that we no longer have a government that is responsive to its citizenry — that we are in fact treated as serfs and slaves and subjects. Eventually we will realize that we have been lied to — there is nothing “democratic” about the regime that runs America. “Democracy” is a talisman used to deceive Americans into submitting to the control regime. It is all a lie. We the people have no say in our government or the laws we live under. NO ONE voted Tranny-ism into the mainstream.

This consolidation of conscious thought — disgust for the destruction of our culture, our borders, our identity as Whites and Christians, the hatred sponsored by the powerful towards whites and those with traditional morality, the targeting of the same as “enemies of democracy,” the realization that “democracy” as practiced in America has nothing to do with the people having a say in how they are governed — as these ideas coalesce, an anger, uncontrolled, will emerge.

As a beaten spouse eventually wakes up and realizes that all her sacrifices for the good of the family were just a lie as they mock her for her steady dedication to the cause — she will realize she was never loved. And she will fight back.

So to the whites and Christians of America will wake up. And they will realize their many enemies, few of whom will be the blacks. Rather they are the rats in the white race who rode their backs for money, and the Jews behind the scenes — like the Wizard of Oz — who have never considered themselves anything but Jews and worked for the benefit of themselves and their Master, the devil.

At some point — and this point needs to be hastened — we will realize that we are the only ones playing by the rules. The Jews don’t. The blacks don’t. The political parties don’t. The universities don’t. They are all the hypocrites that Jesus Christ warned against. And when the whites and Christians stop abiding by the rules that their enemies have imposed upon them — rules they don’t abide by — that will be the beginning of our liberation.

So when blacks cans burn, loot, murder, riots and blame all their problems on whites, why should whites put up with this? More importantly, as we understand that the Jews themselves have inspired the blacks to hate the whites and that Jews have “stirred up the mobs” of blacks to create chaos — that will be the beginning of our liberation.

The Bible never changes. Jews hate Jesus Christ and by extension all Christians. The Gospels and the Books of Acts describe exactly how the Jews work — they accuse, manipulate and blackmail. The get close to the centers of power and yet keep a non-Jew as their front man. The ally with the rich and powerful. The stir up the mobs and stir up false accusations. White are forbidden to notice the power of the Jew — it is “antisemitic” to notice facts and patters and to recognize what the Bible teaches — according to the Jews. This is true from the Book of Esther to the Gospels to the Book of Acts. And Jesus Christ hates these people. The Jews are the devils hand in the world — this is what the Bible teaches. All the postings of the moral peacocks will never change the truth of the Word of God.

And at some point the tide will turn. We will take back power.

And as soon as we do, “they” will demand in self-righteous sanctimony that we give them every privilege of defense and deference — an assumption of innocence — the benefit of the doubt, equality, and all of the perquisites that the white race was denied. That must be abandoned. They have been at war against the white race — it is time to return the favor.

At some point, whites will realize that the Bible accurately defines not only the enemy, but their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. And they will understand that this is a war, an existential war. And that the enemy — as part of the character — lie and murder, with no morality whatsoever. When we gain advantage, they will “demand” Christian charity, forgiveness, and love. And there will be traitors in the midst of the the white race and the Christian church, who, like Judas Iscariot and many other followers of Jesus (John 6:66) side with the Jews and clothe themselves in various justification from “mercy,” to “reasonableness,” to a desire to “live in peace with their fellow man;” all of these ideas were never applied to Christians and whites. But whites and Christians will banter these ideas about in order to appear reasonable when all they are is traitors to the white race and to Jesus Christ. Judas Iscariot is not a one-off; Judas Iscariot remains an eternal principle of “Christians” who, in the end, decide to love the Jew over Jesus Christ.

The rules are already broken — only the whites and Christians are supposed to abide by the rules. Blacks are not. Jews are not. Hispanics flood our borders — they are not expected to abide by the rules and their race (with few exceptions) does not condemn the invasion. Only whites are expected to “not be racist,” and to deny their own blood identity since “we are all Americans” and yet that is clearly not true — “MAGA Republicans,” according to the President of the United States, are enemies of democracy and the rule of law. Seventy-five Congressmen have signed a letter to the Secretary of ________ expressing outrage that this writer is still employed by the U.S. Government. Why? Because certain truths offend the Jews — no different today than in the time of Christ.  Also see here.

These truths offend the Jews and their servants: the Bible is true, and whites and Christians have no say in the kind of society we live in. Otherwise, why is our nation flooded with non-whites? Non-Christians? Tranny-ism? Sodomy? Why is the Constitution deemed by a relic of “racist” whites? Why are Tranny’s given a public pulpit — the White House Itself — and my own scribblings are so hated that they must be suppressed and condemned as “hate speech,” and misinformation?

We do not live in a country under one rule of law for everyone — that is a lie.

Once we internalize that fact we will free ourselves to act. The sooner this happens the better.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
29 June 2023

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