Are You A White Supremacist?

(The following is designed to help people who are afraid of being called a racist or a “white nationalist,” or “white supremacist.” No one likes to be called “demon possessed,” or “insane” (as Jesus Christ by the Jews).
But no one believes in demons or insanity any more, so they need new accusations, accusation like “racist!” I hope this helps.)

Q: Are you a white supremacist?
A: What is white supremacy?

Q: Do you believe whites are superior?
A: Compared who whom? And in what way?

Q: In any way at all.
A: Then I compare the white race — with all its variations — to any other race and the variations of those races. Reducing this, a “race,” or subset, can be reduced to an individual. If I define race as an absolutely unique genetic composition, then an individual makes up the smallest race. And the question becomes — compared to whom and in what way? Every individual is different, no two individuals are equal. That’s the beauty of mankind — we are not equal. Who would want everyone the same color, talent, height, beauty, IQ, hair style or any other attribute?

Expanding on that, if individuals are different, are not their families different? If the Berggren family is different than the Menendez family, why should that be of concern? Are you opposed to diversity?

And if the race to which the Berggren clan belongs is different than another race, why is that an issue at all? No one cares that the vast majority of the world’s elite basketball players are Black — entirely disproportionate to the American populace — is this black supremacy in action? Should you denounce it? If not, why not?

Q: You are avoiding the question.
A: Not at all — you are refusing to define the question. What is race?

Q: Race is a social construct.
A: And what, exactly, does that mean?

Q: Race is not real, it is just a social construction to impose power on others.
A: You mean, like Affirmative Action, and the ethnic categories measured by the U.S. Government? Are you suggesting that Affirmative Action is racist? Or that counting ethnic categories — black, white, hispanic, Native American and so on — is inherently racist? Are you arguing that they should be abolished?

Q: You are avoiding the question — is the white race superior?
A: In what respects? And compared who whom? If you look at European architecture over that last 2500 years, from the Parthenon, to Notre Dame, to English Cathedrals, and compare that the sub-Saharan African architecture over the same millennia, I certainly think European architecture was superior — and I have a right to that opinion. If that is “racist,” well, oh well.

Q: Follow up — do you believe in white nationalism?
A: What is white? What is a nation? The media and academia have made “white nationalism” into a boogie-man that one never finds with any other kind of nationalism including Jewish nationalism, Latino nationalism (Aztlan), Japanese or Arab nationalism or Chinese nationalism. I support nationalist movements in all these groups, and that has been US policy since the end of the First World War. Every nation needs its own land, borders, language, culture and identity. Are you opposed to Palestinian nationalism? Are you opposed to the ethno-state of Israel? Do you oppose the immigration policies of Israel? Should Israel be forced to accept mass immigration from Palestinians and Afghanis and Iraqis and Somalians?

Q: So you oppose immigration of different peoples?
A: Yes, in the same way I oppose immigration of different peoples into my own house and on my own property. I am “xeno-phobic,” as you might say, with respect to an invasion of people who are not my immediate family to come and live with me, even thought they (whoever they are) may be on the street or “underprivileged.” No apologies for this. And that extends to the national level as well.

Q: Some would argue that is “racist.”
A: Would you? Is your home open to the latest Somalian refugees? I would hope not, and I would hope you are mature enough to reject the moral beatings you will receive from the hypocrites who will call you “racist” and yet still never open their own homes to others.

Q: Do you oppose racism?
A: What is racism? Racism is a social construct used to impose guilt upon the white race in order to control them with cudgels of shame. In practice, this charge is only applied to the white race.  I utterly reject the term “racism” as concept in itself. Do you know why “racism” is not illegal? Because it cannot be defined with any precision; and should precision come into play, then it would be applied equally to all races — but that would be inconvenient, wouldn’t it? To call Jews “racists” because they exclude non-Jews from immigration. Or a black murdering a white would be expected to receive the same punishment as white murdering a black — but that is not the case today.

Q: So you are a xenophobic racist, and an antisemitic white nationalist.
A: Cudgels of guilt and shame which I refuse — they don’t work. My rejection of guilt fuels the rage — they cannot control me. We should really have a conversation on the antisemitism trope. Perhaps you can ask me questions about that as well.

(to be continued)

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