Silence in the Pulpit

Sound of Freedom. Yes, see sound of Freedom.

And realize that Epstein Island IS the problem, and all who visited the Island (including the Secret Service agents protecting Bill Clinton), and the judicial system protecting those visiting the Island, and the prosecutors who won’t prosecute those who visited the Island, and the media (the Jews) who won’t promote the Sound of Freedom, and Hollywood (the Jews) who blackballed Sound of Freedom.  And the “Intelligence” agencies behind Epstein Island — again, the Jews.

The only way that movie got published is individual Christians putting up cash to fund the movie by pre-purchasing tickets.

They will prosecute Trump, and Trump  supporters. But they will not prosecute BLM, AntiFa, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, the visitors to Epstein Island, nor the Israeli Secret Service who enabled the Island — again, the Jews.

There is no voting your way out of this.

The media will tell you “everything is fine, nothing to see here.”  They are liars.  They are owned by the Jews. (But I repeat myself — 1 John 2:22, Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9)

Only individual Christians, Pastors, and Churches can rise up to face “the Beast.”  Pastors ARE the alternative media in America, if they would step into that role.  There are enough independent purveyors of thought (, but one example) out there to provide inspiration and support to fight against lies of our age.  But the Pastors must be willing to get up out of the trenches and go on the attack.

Gideon got out of the wine press and did the irreversible.  He was terrified — he charged under cover of darkness. But he charged! To qualify for this war, you must cross your own Rubicon; you must to that for which the Jews will never forgive you.

Moses thought surely he was marching to his death when he went back into Egypt. Jesus Christ knew he was going to his death at the hands of the Jews.  Peter expected no less on the day of Pentecost,  and Stephen . . . it did not end well for Steven, at the hands of the Jews.

And then there were our brothers who were sawn in two. (Hebrews 11:37). What is it we think we are owed in this life?

Either the pulpits become the center of resistance, or the Pastors are traitors who prefer the chains of slavery to the sound of freedom.  Treason against Jesus Christ has the same definition today as it did two-thousand years ago: Siding with the Jews.

There is no third path — war or submission. Treason or honor. Life or death — it all goes on the line.  Who will be the first preacher to die in this war against the Beast?   The line should be miles long by now, but so far few have show up.

Three hundred thousand American churches  make a difference.  One percent of that number makes a difference.  But they shrug their shoulders as if saying “it’s not my fault, there is nothing I can do.”  But they can —they hold the keys to their own bondage. But it is easier to be a slave than to be free.

Any resistance to the Beast begins with opening up the mouth and speaking. The Beast’s control mechanism is embedded in every Congregation and community — they are the self-righteous scribes, hypocrites, and Pharisees who will call out “racist!” And “sexist” and “intolerant” and “antisemitic!” They scream loudest when  someone points out the obvious: Epstein Island as a Jewish project.

Those terms (racist, sexist, antisemitic) have to be trash canned BY THE PREACHERS.

Pastors have substituted the words of Jesus Christ (“You are of you father the devil!” And “the Jews are liars, of Satan’s synagogue!”) for the moral cry of Satan’s synagogue: ”antisemitic!”

Siding with the Jews is treason against Jesus Christ.
Always has been, always will be.

Will it cost the Pastor to regain his voice?  That depends upon what is valuable to the Pastor. If this life is valuable, it will cost dearly. If honor is valuable, it costs nothing. The only things you lose is the self-imposed chains of silence.

There is no greater honor than fighting the same enemy that Jesus Christ faced — the Jews.

Do not, like Judas, seek the silver of life over the gold of eternity.

Fritz Berggren
July 11, 2023

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