Are You An Antisemite?

(This article is designed to coach the reader through an inquiry into one’s supposed “antisemitism.”  The author notes that the charge of “antisemitism” only means something if the accused thinks it is meaningful. In the words, once a person dismisses out-of-hand the moral charge of “antisemitism” the term no longer has power over the subject.  The moral imperative of “antisemitism” is illegitimate on its face, and no defense against the charge of “antisemitism” even need be raised.

Never-the-less, this charge holds an enormous amount of power in the United States where, for generations, the US Government has inculcated a national religion that elevates the Jews and demonizes anti-Jewish speech.  This national religion is replete with Cathedrals elevating the Jews to the status of saints and martyrs; these “holocaust” museums are part of our national religion now.

Undermining this national religion is a worthy goal, and deconstructing charges of “antisemitism” is crucial to this endeavor. To that end, I hope this helps the reader understand the manipulation and moral bereavement that the term “antisemite” is intended to foster.)

Q: You are antisemitic.  Why is that?
A: By “antisemitic” I take it that some Jews really don’t like what I have to say.

Q: It’s more than that, you purposely incite hatred toward the Jews.
A: Am I anti-Semitic, or Anti-Jew? The term “semite,” from which we get “antisemitic” refers to the people descended from Shem, which includes the Arabs.  And most modern Jews are not at all descendants of Shem, or even Abraham, rather they are a European people whose ancestors converted to Talmudism. And even when that are descendants of Judah, that matters not a whit. For it was exactly to those people that Jesus said, “you are of your father the devil.” So whether converts or biologicals, Jesus Christ was clear: Jews are either sons of hell, for the biologicals, or twice the sons of hell, for those whose ancestors converted to the Talmud.

There is no salvation for the Jews who do not, like Saul, repent and convert to Jesus Christ.

Q: You have called Jews the devil’s children and Satan’s synagogue. Is that not engendering hatred toward the Jews, the very definition of Anti-Semitism?
A: I have said loudly and proudly what Jesus Christ has said about Jews.

Q: But Jesus was Jewish.
A: In what sense? His Father is not a Jew. Abraham is not a Jew. Isaac is not a Jew. Jacob, renamed Israel, is not a Jew. Moses is not a Jew.

Q: All evangelicals proclaim Jesus Christ as a Jew.
A: Jesus Christ utterly rejected the “teaching of the elders,” upon which the Talmud is based. Jesus Christ utterly hated the “traditions” of the Pharisees.  The Pharisees reinterpreted the Law and the Prophets and came up, essentially, with a new religion.  Jesus Christ was never a religious Jew. Even the Jews today will tell you that Judaism emerged very distinct from the religion of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Q: Yes, but his parents were Jewish.
A: Not at all — neither Mary nor Joseph followed the teaching of the Pharisees and they (the Pharisees) are the forerunners of today’s Rabbi’s who teach Rabbinical Judaism — Talmudism. The Pharisees rejected the teachings of Moses.

Furthermore, the Father of Jesus Christ is not Joseph.  The Father of Jesus Christ is God the Father. ALL lineage in the Bible is patrilineal. Even Mary’s lineage is listed through the males in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the son of Mary, yes, absolutely. But in what sense was she a Jew? Certainly not religiously.  And His Father is not a Jew.

Q: Well then, how to you define it?
A: Jesus Christ was born of Mary, who was of the lineage of David, who was born of Judah, a son of Jacob, renamed Israel. That’s as close as it comes.  Jesus Christ was born in a town in Judea, Bethlehem. He immediately left and never returned to live in the land of the Jews, Judea.  He explicitly avoided the land of Judea because the Jews sought to murder Him.  In the Bible, Jesus is called “the Galilean” and “Jesus of Nazareth.” The Jews, the Pharisees, utterly rejected Jesus Christ as Jewish, they said he was a Samaritan, and to this day believe his mother was a whore and his father a Roman soldier.  They mock Christians who say “Jesus was Jew” because they entirely reject Him.

Q: Then why to Christians call Jesus Jewish?
A: In my opinion it is to cater to the Jews and the world, to seem reasonable and accepting to them. It is not to honor Jesus Christ, it is to honor the Jews and curry their acceptance.

Q: You say bad things about the Jews, that is antisemitic.
A: So did Jesus Christ and I’ve covered that extensively here at  I am a very proud Christian, which means I am very proud of every word of Jesus Christ, including where he calls the Jews the devil’s children in John 8:44 and where He calls them liars, and murders and false Jews and Satan’s synagogue.  I’m very proud of what He said — zero apologies for that.  Even Saul, the Jewish convert, warns the Church in Thessalonika th the Jews are “hostile to all mankind”

Q: Are you sayin that Jesus Christ is antisemitic?
A: Oh, the modern Jews hate Jesus Christ and they hate the New Testament.  There’s an excellent article in the Jerusalem Post that talks about the “antisemitic” nature of the Bible.  Essentially, the Jews agree with me about what the Bible teaches about Jews. I’m not going to apologize that — I’m going amplify that message in the Church and in the world.

Q: But hate is not a Christian virtue.
A: It is a Christin virtue when properly applied; and this hatred between Jesus Christ, and by extension those of us in Jesus Christ, and the children of the devil, was put in place by God Himself in Genesis 3:15. Nothing can change that hatred.  Christians who think they can “overcome the division” by some inter-faith demagoguery seem to believe they are improving on the Christianity of Jesus Christ — that is foolishness.  From the beginning of the Bible to the very end, there is enmity — hatred — between God’s people and the devil’s people — and Jesus Christ made it very clear who the devil’s people are.

Q: Most Christians would say that Christianity is about love and forgiveness; I don’t see that in your message.
A: I am loyal to Jesus Christ, which means I am loyal to His Word.  What He says is what I say. I am not a better Christian that Jesus Christ, and for Christians who think they are better Christians than Christ because the Jews do not hate them, I have no words of encouragement for them. “Do I not hate them, that hate thee?” Said the Psalmist:

“Do I not hate those who hate You, Lord?
And do I not loathe those who rise up against You?
I hate them with the utmost hatred;
They have become my enemies.”

Psalm 139:21-22

The desire to be loved by the world is evil and that includes catering to the demands of those who reject Jesus Christ.

Q: That is an antisemitic statement.
A: For which I offer no apologies.

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