All Wasted Effort . . .

All effort is wasted unless we attack the source of evil, which is Satan (and his seed). Satan, like Jesus Christ, has a corporate body on this earth that are his hands and feet — people who do his will. Satan’s offspring lie and murder like their father (John 8:44).

Jews are the devil’s children, a synagogue of Satan. Until the Church embraces this truth, I question whether we can truly free ourselves of the evil Satan has wrought. If we embrace this truth, then all their lies will unravel and we WILL build Christian and White nations once again. Great nations.

Satan and his little babies hate the White race and hate the idea of Christian nation-states. Therefore we must double down on building that which they hate.

. . . .

The punishment for treason is death.
Siding with the Jews is treason against Jesus Christ.
There is no “getting along” with the devil’s children.
You make yourself at enmity with God (James 4:4)

. . . . .

Judeo-Christian is as Christian as Judas Iscariot.
Judas Iscariot sided with the Jews.
Never side with the Jews.

. . . .

The “most holy” thing that must never be questioned, ever, is the Holy Jews and their Holy Holocaust. You can fund “Piss Christ” with your taxes, but NEVER question the Jews or the Holocaust. Who put them in charge? Satan?

I quit that cult. You can, too.

.  , . .

You are better off questioning the Virgin birth of Jesus Christ than the Jews or the Holocaust. The Jews will burn you at the stake.
It’s a cult.
Quit the cult.
Let them scream.
Be free.


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  1. piltdownman says:

    Hi. Interesting suggestion that Satan has a corporate body here on earth. However, Satan having been cast out by Christ, I would invite you to consider modernising your understanding. There is a Luciferian corporate body, but they have no God, just their own will against Jesus Christ. For our purposes it is perhaps six of one half-dozen of the other but, I believe none the less your message is getting accurate. ‘Christians’ must get off their religious Kool-Aid and past their divisions to simply bear witness to Him and see these pricks exposed and dealt with by appropriate lawful means.

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