The Enemy of Christian Nations

According to the Bible, neither Democrats, the communists, Republicans, blacks, homosexuals or any other people are the problem. Except . . .

Except for the Jews. The Jews are enemies of everyone — the source of troubles. In the Book of Esther, agnostic Jews take over a multicultural empire and murder their opponents with no mention of God or the Patriarchs. All throughout the Gospels and the Book of Acts and the Epistles and the Revelation the Jews are the singular enemy of Jesus Christ,  and all mankind.

It is willful ignorance to conflate the Patriarchs and Prophets with “the Jews.” Jesus Christ IS the Word of God and states plainly:

It is ironic that Pastors and Christians will denounce this “antisemitic” interpretation of Scripture, but the Jews know know very well that this is all true.

Here is the Jerusalem Post:

“In his Removing Anti-Jewish Polemic from our Christian Lectionaries: A Proposal, Norman A. Beck lists about 450 examples of explicitly antisemitic verses throughout the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) and the Acts of the Apostles. Jews are referred to as vipers and poisonous snakes, hard-hearted and hypocrites, thieves and robbers, and the blind guiding the blind. We are told that they reject the commandments, reject God’s purpose, and plotted on multiple occasions to kill Jesus, which the New Testament says they eventually did. The Gospel according to John makes these assertions: God’s word and God’s love are not with the Jews; none of the Jews do what is written in the Torah; they know neither Jesus nor the father; and they are descendants of their own father, who is not God but Satan”


“ In the words of Jonah Daniel Goldhagen, in his book, A Moral Reckoning, “The antisemitism of the Christian Bible is not incidental to it but constitutive of its story… The Christian Bible presents its Christian faithful with a relentless and withering assault on Jews and Judaism… presented as the ontological enemy of Jesus and therefore of goodness.” The scholar William Nicholls put it more plainly: “No uncritical reader of the New Testament could easily come away with any but the most negative opinion of Jews.”


“Mark depicts Jesus being condemned before the Jewish supreme court, the Sanhedrin, on the night of the Passover Seder – though they would never convene for a capital case on a night or on a holiday – before being sentenced to death for blasphemy and handed over to the Romans. The Roman governor Pontius Pilate tries repeatedly to have Jesus spared, but the Jewish crowds beg for his execution.”

The Jewish author of the article wonders at the support modern Christians have given to Jews and Israel, and concludes that Christians have done just like the Jews did by replacing the written Word with oral tradition:

“How can this be? Because Christians and Catholics today are reinterpreting Scripture away from a literal interpretation of Jews as the enemies of Christ.”

This is brilliant — the Jews agree (with me) that the New Testament is anti-Jew (antisemitic). This truth must be embraced by Christians, not rejected because the Jews don’t like it. The Bible, and New Testament in particular (but not exclusively — see Esther) is against the Jews, who are the children of the devil. Embracing an anti-christ entity is treason against Jesus Christ. “Christians” who do so follow the steps of Judas Iscariot. Preferring the adulation of the Jews over the written Word is hatred toward God (James 4:4).

The Great Deception is here. The antichrist (of which the Jews exactly fit John’s description) is adored by the modern “Christian.”

Jesus Christ, according to the Jews, is antisemitic. If this is true (I hold no respect for the term itself), then every Christian should be as deeply antisemitic as Jesus Christ, both Johns, Stephen and Paul. Anything less is treason toward our King.

I suspect the love of the Jews by Christians has done more harm to our nations than every other heresy combined. For to love the antichrist, to side with the Jews, to renounce the words of Jesus Christ, IS antichrist. They came from among us, and are openly ashamed of the words of Jesus Christ.

Christians who betray Jesus Christ are no longer my brethren; they chose the fraternity of Judas Iscariot over kindred with Jesus Christ.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
22 August 2023

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