Civil War 2 and Resisting Antichrist

Civil War 2 and Resisting Antichrist

Joe Biden  is accusing half of America as being “extremist” and a threat to democracy.  In truth, Biden, his son Hunter, and his own handlers are the traitors.  They are selling the country’s interests for cash, and facilitating andinvasion as dangerous as the invasion of Muslim Africans into Spain in the 700s AD, and the Mongolian threat to Christian Europe centuries ago.  Satan’s plot to white of the white and Christian race continue with very much the same tactics — human wave attacks. The difference today, is that the white and Christian race are traitors unto themselves and their own God.

Biden does not want peace with the rhetoric he is using: “MAGA republicans are a direct threat to American democracy,” Biden says.

Please be aware that in “our democracy” —

  • No one voted to open our borders to illegal aliens.
  • No one voted to make the Ten Commandments illegal in our schools.
  • No one voted to legalize homosexual marriage.
  • No one voted for Trannies in grade schools or in the U.S. Army.
  • No one voted for Agenda 2030.
  • No one voted for mandatory covid vaccines or masks.
  • There was no plebiscite on sending $100 Billion to fund the war in Ukraine.

We do not live in a country where the average person has a voice.  If we did, none of the above would have occurred — none.  Not a single state ever voted to legalize homosexual marriage.

The antichrist forces  define “democracy” as trannies, sodomy, open borders, the destruction of American industry, mandatory “vaccines,” and rule by “experts” who masquerade as “scientists” who know better than “we the people.”

Only an awakening in the free and independent  Pulpits can resist the current tyranny.  There are too few pulpiteers who have the boldness to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom — to proclaim that the minimum scope of the Gospel is the entire human experience from politics to law to history to philosophy to morality to biology and astronomy.  The Pulpiteers — our Preachers — have retreated into a “safe space” approved by their antichrist rulers.  Pulpiteers preach about the next world and the next life and vague moralities that the antichrists are comfortable with.  Feeding the poor and comforting the downtrodden is a worldly morality that Satan is comfortable with. In fact, those very good moral activities distract us from attacking the heart of the enemy.  We can placate our conscious, remain friends with the world, preen in our morality, and avoid the truly deadly battle.  The Gospel is thus reduced to a promise of eternal life, a release from sins and a (very real) internal peace.  All good and right and true as core . . . but . . .

But . . . if we do not have Christians nations and Christian states, we will genocide the Church of Jesus Christ on this earth.  There is no limit to Satan’s voracious appetite and therefor no end to the rapaciousness of the devil’ children and synagogue.  We are fooling ourselves by believing that our current docile and submissive relationship with the world and the Jews is  acceptable. There simply is no peace between the seed of the Woman and the seed of the serpent (the brood of vipers, the children of the devil, Satan’s synagogue).  If there is peace, it is because the Pulpits have submitted to the antichrist, and that certainly seems to be the case.

Voting is not the  critical path.  The critical path is awakening the congregations to the fact that the anti-christ and the beast rule over us now and that our minimum Christian duty is to stand and speak very publicly against this antichrist — and that is the duty of every man, woman and teenager.  No draft-dodging in this war — staying out of the fight is siding with the enemy.

Q: Will we see a Civil War in the United States? 

A: We already live in a totalitarian system. Our speech is punished.  People are terrified of the legal and economic consequences of telling people what they really think — so they change their thinking.  The answer is to stop being afraid and to speak anyway, starting with the Pastors.  This will incite more hatred from the antichrists. They will through more people in jail, destroy more lives, and work harder to replace the white and Christian race with a more submissive populace.

There is a reason whites are the target — we are the most anti-antichrist people in the planet naturally, instinctively, genetically, and historically. We need to resurrect that.  How will the antichrist respond? With hatred, lies, murder and anger. This cannot be avoided.

Does that answer the question?

Q: You seem to be walking around it — yes or no.

A: It’s already gone kinetic. When government employees point weapons at you and shoot you and then chain you and put you in a steel cage, the war is already on.  The “Compact” of the Constitution has been overturned and replaced with the purposely vague notion of “democracy,” and “diversity,” and “tolerance.”  As I’ve stated above — we already have no say in the issues of our society.  There is an illusion of choice because elections are still held, but that’s all it is, and illusion of influence.  The bureaucrats, thieves, liars, murderers and antichrist who rule over us are untouchable. And I haven’t even mentioned the chains of debt slavery.

Q: What should people prepare for?

A: They should pay attention to what is happening now — arrests of political dissidents, persecution (legal or otherwise) of the opposition, the shooting of dissidents by government workers to instill fear, the suppression of free speech, the economic destruction of independent businesses while the mega-corporations impose control over speech, and exercise veto power over our purchases, including guns, ammo, and very soon over the kind of cars you can buy. Pay attention to the use of non-government forces to instill fear and incite chaos, the coordinated implementation of riots and invasion by the government and the corresponding “measures” that the government will take justified by the very chaos they provoke, allow, coordinate, and encourage, the ongoing demonization of the white race and the belittling of any historical American culture, religion or society.  It is happening now.   

Q: So how should people respond?

A: First, ask yourself “what  is my life all about?”  This is the first question that has to be answered. For most people in most cultures most of the time, it is about getting through the day and being as comfortable as conditions allow.  The moral contortions used to  justify one’s submission to tyranny is limitless.  The rare man will make a different choice — the rare “Christian” will choose bravery and hardship over “submission to the authorities.” There is always ways to justify submission.  Moses could have said, “Hey, that ain’t my country. Pharaoh is the king. I’ve been with my wife and kids for forty years, I can do better for the next generation by staying alive and building a legacy through my children.”  Ditto for Gideon, Stephen and others.

Number One: Open your mouth. Refuse submission. Do not bow down at the sound of the music like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  Do not take off thirty days of speaking during some special emergency — referring to Daniel here.  Courage begets courage.  Cowardice begets cowardice. This is the moment — right now — where we need men and brave Christians — men —  to refuse to submit to these antichrists.

You either bend the knee to the antichrist of this generation or you stand in defiance of him. There is no third path. The idea of a third path is Satan’s idea.  We now, right now, in this historical moment have a very rare opportunity to stand while most bow, to speak when most keep silent. Do not waste this precious moment.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
29 Sept 2023

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