American Ragnorak

An ossified bone is dry, inflexible and, although strong, subject to catastrophic failure if enough pressure is applied. I’m afraid this describes our political situation. It seems impossible for popular candidates like Bobby Kennedy or Donald Trump to find a place in the system. Like Bobby Kennedy or not, he is a scion of of a storied family. He is a natural candidate for the highest office and Joe Biden is not only unpopular, but shows no natural inclination to recruit the “people” behind him. He was a dead letter even before he was “elected.” Trump is enormously popular across America including among independents. But the ossified structure is intent on preventing Americans from voting for him.

Neither Trump nor Kennedy are dangerous; the threat to America is a self-protective political system that is impervious to popular sentiment. Comparisons to Louis XIV — tone deaf, arrogant, all powerful and yet ultimately fragile — are reasonable.

Americans sense this. The Revolution of the the antichrists has very much succeeded, yet they sit on a tinderbox of ill-will from Christians and whites. The government apparatus obfuscates brazenly and, while a large percentage seem willing to submit in dolorous somnambulance, there is ripe anger and a willingness to engage on the part of a growing number of Americans. These are the Americans that Biden and the uniparty are so terrified of, calling us “extremists” and “enemies of democracy” when in truth that Borg of institutional defiance is the epitome of non-responsiveness to the will of Americans.

  • This country is being invaded and the uniparty could not care less.
  • This country is a war in Europe and Americans do not want that.
  • This country’s Bill of Rights has been gutted by the Beast of Washington.undefined
  • Our currency has been, perhaps purposely, gutted by the greedy monsters of mayhem unaccountably enriching themselves and impoverishing the lower 90%.

This ossified structure — enormously strong — may be close to shattering. This will not be a gentle bending to popular pressures, but a chaotic and brutal explosion, uncontainably terrifying. We approach an American Ragnorak. They underestimated white rage and we have no reason to apologize to anyone. Their end draws nigh.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
4 October 2023

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