Not All Bad News

Not All Bad News

Newsweek’s cover story is about “The Enemy Within” and the FBI’s targeting of MAGA Americans. This is not all bad news.

We need get it through our own thick heads that there is no future for White or Christian culture in the current system. Their goal is the genetic extermination of the white population and cultural erasure of all Christian ideas. That is why there is Affirmative Action an Open Borders. That is why they are promoting Tranny’s In Schools and Homosexuality. The sooner we reconcile ourselves with this truth the sooner we liberate ourselves to build explicitly white and Christian nations.

The man who remains in denial either has no idea what he is, or he is a coward. Neither is excusable.

Are you white? Then be proud and defend your race like every other race out there does, especially the Jews.

Are you Christian? Then be proud of Christ’s words (John 8:44, Rev 3:9) and cease collaborating with the enemy.

This development simply makes explicit what has long been implied by the “powers” that run this modern Babel.


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