Why Do I Talk About Theology?

Why Do I Talk About Theology?

Theology means the words/language of God. I am engaged in a process of normalizing what the Word of God says within both the Church and society.

Essentially, I am broadening the “Overton Window” by publicly discussing ideas that are banned under conventional wisdom. This is the job of the Church.

To the extent that modern Christian theology does not offend the world, there can only be two descriptions of that situation:

1) The world is already so Christianized that nothing in the Bible offends them.
2) Modern Christian theology has excised “offensive” portions of the Bible.

Unfortunately, is is the latter of the two. Even within the Church much Theology is banned, ignored, or reinterpreted with the “traditions of men” in the same way the Pharisees of old broke the Law of Moses for their man-made precepts (Matthew 15:1-9)

Here are theological ideas that need to be re-normalized within the Church and within the World

1) Separate nations for separate ethnic groups. Nationalism is the organic protection against global tyranny. Global tyranny is denounced in the Bible and it takes its forms as Babel, Babylon the Great, and the Beasts of Daniel 7. Multicultural Empires (Europe, the United States, Rome, Persia, Babylon) are fundamentally antichrist and, thusly, susceptible to being run be Satan and his people.

2) The Jews are the children of the devil and Satan’s synagogue. They represent and foster evil today on the earth. This has been true ever since they began killing the prophets and rejecting the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jesus Christ — God is the Flesh — was, and remains hated by Jews. There is no reading of Jesus Christ that supports the idea that modern Jews are God’s chosen.

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