Homosexuality and Civil War

Worthless homosexual men sought to rape a good man, reveals Judges 19. Instead they raped and murdered his young lady.

The man sought justice and got none.  His kin demanded justice and the Tribe of Benjamin ignored them.

What did Benjamin say? Perhaps, “it’s under investigation,” “it is a local matter,” “the Authorities are handling it,” “we will let you know if we find anything,” “we cannot comment regarding ongoing investigations.”

The other tribes had a choice — submission to lies, or, deal with the corruption in their midst.

Had the rest of Israel not gone to war against Benjamin, that sodomy would have infected all the tribes.  They made the right choice.

Americans are facing a hard choice now and, so far,  the righteous have chosen to cower “let the Authorities handle it.” We choose the easy choice — we’d rather “switch than fight,” to twist a line from an old cigarette commercial.

The end result of tolerating homosexuality has been discovered: An America in which little children are groomed to be homosexuals and trannies in government schools at their parents expense.  In Sodom, the young and old alike sought to rape the innocent.  This is the end state.

America, to this day, refuses to grant justice to the girls (and boys) who were kidnapped and raped by the Jews and their wealthy and powerful clients on Epstein Island.   

All of us will be punished, like Sodom and Gomorrah, because even the pulpits remain silent.  This does not go away.  There is no easy solution.

The future is a destruction like Sodom’s, or a Civil War.  In America’s case, I suspect we will have the worst of both.

We have only difficult choices.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
7 Novermbrer 2023

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