To Regain Liberty

To Regain Liberty

It is impossible to create a free nation when Whites are demonized by hypocritical Jews and the church grovels at their feet.

Task #1:Stop being cowed into submission by those who call you names like “racist,” and “antisemitic.” Your primary jailer is yourself.

Task #2: If you have completed task #1 above, you WILL open your mouth and speak boldly.

Task #3: Your political and racial Savior is Jesus Christ. His enemy was the Jew and it remains so today. The Fifth Commandment (honoring one’s race) IS the Law of Jesus Christ (Matthew 15:1-9).

Task #4: Fire your Pastor if he grovels before the Jew.
Judas Iscariot grovelled before the Jews.
Stephen, Peter and James defied the Jews.
Siding with the Jew is treason against our racial Monarch, our King, our God.

If this “offends” you, to back and read #1 above.

Happy Sunday morning, y’all!

Fritz Berggren, PhD

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