Fed-Posting, Anonymity, and Our Struggle

Fed-Posting, Anonymity, and Our Struggle

It is a right, long established in American tradition, to write under pseudonyms.   Benjamin Franklin wrote under the name of Silence Dogwood. Today’s AntiFa demonstrate anonymously when they wear their uniforms of darkness and black-block.

Yet scarcely in Scripture does a prophet or Apostle write anonymously.  On the contrary, Paul practically bragged of his identity — every letter opens with his name.

Paul was very proud to write boldly in his own name.
Paul was very proud to write boldly in his own name.

We must know who is talking to us.  “Q”s have no credibility in the world of Christians. Screen names mean nothing.  Even one’s name and photo should be questioned if it cannot be verified by third parties, especially by our common enemies.

Who are you?
Paul’s reputation preceded him for both good and evil.
Do you have a reputation?

Entrapment is an Enemy tactic — inciting people to say things they would not otherwise say.  Mao did this in China: “Let one hundred flowers bloom!”  And as soon as Chinese Communist Party mapped out their opposition they eliminated them.
But what Christian ever preached anonymously?  None, even at the cost of their lives.

When I see a man’s name and face publicly maligned and hated by the rich, by government leaders and by the ever-present Jews, I may begin to trust what he says.  Here  is a partial  list of those people: Jeremiah, Jesus Christ, Moses, Stephen, Peter, Paul, James . . . .

Feel free to join this group.
But it will cost you. Are you ready for that?

If the Jews don’t hate your name and face and reputation, who are you?

Fritz Berggren, PhD
November 15, 2023




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